Andrea Nann Project

London Dance Network Edition
August 31-September 4, 2021
with choreographer Andrea Nann and video artist Henry Mak
Reflection. Separation. Protection. Connection. Space.

Be part of a Province Wide multimedia dance project celebrating and uniting the communities of Windsor, London, Sault Saint Marie, Halton and Dufferin! 

Join dance artist Andrea Nann for a nourishing creative process, exploring and creating movement, text and expression through heightened awareness and articulation of sensations.  The work will be shaped into two short dance films by Henry Mak.  One of the films will be screened during DanceWeekend 2022; Dance Ontario’s yearly showcase celebrating dance within Ontario. The London film will be shown at a London Dance Festival event in late 2021 or early 2022.

The project includes an optional online introductory workshop, followed by two days of in-person learning and creation sessions. Sessions A & B will happen on the same day, with Session C the following day. The three live sessions build on each other. After participating in Session A (2 hours), participants can choose to stay and begin filming in Session B (2 hours). If participants wish to continue the process and begin filming they can join Session C the following day, a four-hour film session that will happen both indoors and out (weather permitting).

The in-person sessions will be held at 519 School of Hip Hop, at 760 Little Simcoe Street. There are 12 spots open for the in-person sessions, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Participation is free, and participants must register in advance. 

Questions? Please email Bizz Varty, London Dance Network Coordinator,  at or

From Andrea: “I am designing Windows of Time to be a nourishing and generative experience for the creative body, mind, emotions and spirit. For the creative process I will be sharing very specific tools and activations from my personal artistic practice that connect me with a sense of myself in relation to nature and the environment around me. Participants will generate their own gestural language and movement phrases in response to very specific prompts. My hope is that this project will inspire embodied expression, imagination as well as deep reflection. Participants will also receive access to a short (30 minute) audio guided exploration that is designed to be experienced outdoors, in nature.  This is offered to support participants’ independent practice in-between group sessions.”

Learn more about Andrea and her work at


Virtual Introductory Workshop
Online Movement Session 
5:30-6:45pm Tuesday August 31, 2021 on zoom
Free admission with registration No prerequisite
During this session participants will be guided through an inspiring introductory movement session, experiencing Andrea’s rejuvenating sensory awakening Conscious Bodies artistic practice which is at the foundation of this creative project. 
No prerequisite to join this session, and commitment to the in-person sessions is not required (but encouraged!) This workshop will be filmed for archival purposes (but participants may choose not to be recorded).

Session A 
In-person Movement Experience and Creation Session
4-6pm Friday September 3, 2021 @ 519 School of Hip Hop
Free admission with registration No prerequisite, maximum of 12 spots available
During this session participants will enjoy a fulsome and nourishing movement session that will inspire a sense of empowering embodiment   Throughout this session connections with self and nature will be activated, sparking insight, imagination, and memory.  We will move together to tap into the source of our own personal self-expression, the ‘why’ of our inner artist.  Unique individual expressions will surface and emerge through shared gesture, text, and movement motif development.  
No prerequisite to join this session, and commitment to the following sessions is not required (but encouraged!) This workshop will be filmed for archival purposes (but participants may choose not to be recorded).

Session B 
In-person Film Creation Part 1 
6-8pm Friday, September 3, 2021 Prerequisite: Session A  @ 519 School of Hip Hop
Participants who wish to dive more deeply will stay to work with Andrea and Henry to shape materials into powerful images, statements and phrases of expression.  Filming will be done by Henry on and around the workshop site. 

Session C 
In-person Film Creation Part 2
12-4pm Saturday September 4, 2021 Prerequisite: Sessions A & B
@ 519 School of Hip Hop
Filming will continue on the 2nd day on site and outdoors (weather permitting). See Session B description above.

Informal Showing Event 
Approx 3-4pm (time TBC) Saturday September 4, 2021
For participants from all sessions and invited guests 
There will be an informal sharing event at the SHH studio to mark the end of the process. 

Project’s Culminating Products:5 individual films (one for each Network with a focus on participants/community of each Regional Network)1 film to be screened at Dance ON’s DanceWeekend 2022 (merging of session footage from all 5 participating Regional Networks)

Check out these two collective creations by Andrea Nann and Henry Mak:– Ryerson Dances ‘this is where I find myself today’ (25-minute dance film)– The Welcome Project Guelph (9-minute documentary followed by Public Action)