Breath Workshop

Breath Workshop

Photo by François Bergevin

Wednesday February 23, 2022
Open to all ages and experiences
on Zoom 
Please pre-register here 

Time for a deep inhale…. and then a nice, slow exhale. All sorts of things can make our breath become shallow or restricted, whether it’s winter blues, cold air, illness, injury, stress, anxiety, or all of the above. Join Bizz for a free workshop to help you tune in and reconnect with your breath. She’ll share a variety of simple breathing techniques, especially ones that will relax and calm your body and mind. This workshop is open to all ages and levels. Pre-registration required. 

Photo by Nina Sampson

Elizabeth “Bizz” Varty is a dance artist, movement educator and arts manager. Her signature blend of movement education draws from ballet, modern and contemporary dance forms, somatic practices, yoga, and pilates. Her classes typically include big laughs and great music. She invites you to discover the joy of moving with awareness and ease. Bizz is the founder and director of the Centre of Movement Arts, presenter of the London Dance Festival. She’s been teaching dance and other moves for more than 20 years. She holds a BFA in dance from York U and a Diploma in Arts Management from Humber College, and is a certified Yoga and Pilates teacher.