LDF 2017-Throwback to July 2 Emerging Artists

Abbey Richens (London)
Dancers: Abbey Richens, Gwen Logan, Jenna Hills and Dharby Harrison

It’s the moment when you are in between before and now, nothing will ever be the same, but in this moment you are still and silent. Experiencing a traumatic event leaves you wounded physically but much more emotionally. It is not a process, but rather a journey, to slowly stand up and find a soft spot on the ground. Aftershock explores a way to heal through unity and time. Though we can find ourselves in terrible situations instantly, it take months, even years to recover from it. Aftershock is a journey not only with those whom you love deeply, but also deeper and deeper within yourself. It’s the moment when all is lost and in chaos but you still remain standing.

Abbey Richens, an aspiring artist creating vision through movement. Abbey currently trains at Sound in Motion dance studio and studies as an enriched dance student at H.B Beal Secondary. From a young age Abbey was constantly moving and had a passion for imagination. Abbey wants to keep imagination alive, specifically through movement, and tell a story.