Sept 18: Live Performance

Saturday September 18
4-6pm Workshops for all levels 
6-7:30pm Performance 
All Day: Interactive Dance Map and Pop-up Performances
Location: Ivey Park, 331 Thames St.
FREE but donations are gratefully accepted!

Join us for an exciting, free, LIVE dance event in Ivey Park. Learn new moves in all-levels workshops, then see London’s talented dance artists perform on nature’s stage.

Featuring dance performances by La Compagnie de Danse, Rising Moon Bellydance, Los Aires Flamenco ensemble, Priyanka Topé, Kaitlin Torrance, The Ukwehuwe Connection, Kevin Clements, Nicholas Noguera, Young Company of NLDC, and more! Live music will accompany several performances.

This year registration is required (register here). 

Masks must be worn to enter the event site, but may be taken off once you are safely two meters from others in a designated audience or participant space. Donations can also be made in person at the event, through PayPal, or by etransfer to Donors names will be listed on the LDF website (unless they wish to remain anonymous). Thank you!

Raks Sharki – The Art of Oriental Dance by Luna

Sandra (Luna) Wilson by Hugh Wilson

Choreographer: Luna
Luna (dancer), Panayiotis Giannarapis (Oud/Bouzouk), Mary Ashton (Violin)

Luna (founder of Rising Moon Bellydance) will perform two traditional pieces accompanied by live music from Mary and Pani, members of Light of East Ensemble.

Luna grew up in Colombia, South America, and moved to London, Ontario in 2003 where she started taking bellydance classes with various instructors. Through the years, she developed a passion for the beautiful art of Bellydance. She enjoys performing, developing choreography, and exploring the latest styles and fusions. Since 2012, she has been teaching beginner, intermediate and advance classes in London, Ontario. She has also performed with her troupe and as a soloist in various festivals and private events in Ontario and the US.

Learn more about Bellydance and Luna’s career at


Amores Otoñales (Fall Loves) by Los Aires Flamenco Group

Photo by Scott Draper

Performers: Terry May (Flamenco guitarist); Charles Burnetts (Drummer); Carol Gibson (Clapping and Dancer); Patricia Vasconcellos (Dancer, Composer, and Choreographer)

Music Credits: Tangos de Triana and Farruca en las Cuevas are Unknown composers. The Los Aires group inspired by ancient songs from flamenco culture and art, composes original songs reconstructing a unique repertoire based on songs passed from generation to generation.

Los Aires Flamenco Group bring the fusion of music and dance with live Flamenco music to Londoners, exalting the beauty and harmony of the Fall season that represents transformation and rebirth. The strength and joy of “Flamenco por Tangos” in contrast to the sobriety of “Farruca” will represent the charm, intensity and magic of this mid-season.

At 17 years old, Patricia started to study Spanish Dance and at 24 years old, graduated in Music, Piano instrument, at the Federal University of the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For 20 years, studied the Flamenco Art, tap flamenco technique, castanets (playing and dancing), and Bata de Cola. For over 6 years, Patricia was a choreographer and teacher, managing lots of performances and Flamenco projects. She moved to London, Ontario, Canada where created Flamenco del Sur group to bring Flamenco culture and Flamenco style to the city. She has performed at the London Dance Festival, Community events and other festivals, Western University, Heart Links, and participated in an International Flamenco Concert with TD Sunfest. She has promoted workshops in the London and surrounding area to showcase the Flamenco Rhythms to musicians, dancers, and Flamenco lovers. In 2020, created Los Aires Flamenco Group bringing the Flamenco culture and art to London through the fusion of flamenco rhythm and dance.

Learn more about Flamenco del Sur at

Songs of the Earth by The Ukwehuwe Connection

Performers: Jasmine Phillips, Ty Smoke, and Frazer Sundown
Choreographers: Frazer Sundown, Jasmine Phillips, and Ty Smoke
Music Credits: Frazer Sundown, Orally passed on by our ancestors

“A presentation on our social dances or songs of the earth in which will be shared through storytelling and then displayed through singing and dancing.”

An Oneida dance troupe that engages in Longhouse & Pow Wow styles. We travel around teaching, showcasing culture and storytelling through song and dance.

Learn more about The Ukwehuwe Connection

Chasing Rainbows by Priyanka Tope

Priyanka Topé by Shay Frances Photography

Music Credits: Anoushka Shankar
Choreographers: Priyanka Tope & Parul Shah
Performer: Priyanka Tope

The piece was inspired by the term “chasing rainbows” – referring to the pursuit of something that is perceived as unrealistic or “impossible”. This piece embodies the term by depicting a dancer who is enamored by a rainbow that forms after a passing storm. The dancer is convinced that the rainbow is something she can tangibly possess, and it sends her on a tumultuous journey. This choreography has been exciting to create, as it has challenged Priyanka to think outside of her movement vocabulary.

Born and raised in North America, Priyanka has been fortunate to learn Indian Classical dance and music from an early age. Growing up in a musical household, art helped Priyanka connect with her family and culture. With the guidance of her guru Parul Shah, Priyanka continues to study Kathak and explore ways to express her stories through movement. Priyanka aims to create and present work that is thoughtful and inclusive.

Learn more about Priyanka’s journey in London on social media at @complex_expression

Walking a Tightrope With You by the Young Company of North London Dance Centre

NLDC by Sidney Siu

Choreographer: Brooke Gilmour
Performers: Ari Burgess, Lyla Hajar, Nicole Jamieson, MacKenzie Mercer, Ainsley Morgan, Isabella Russell & Jenna Russell
Music Credits: “Tightrope” by Sara Bareilles

The piece is based on the idea that if two people have enough faith and trust in each other, they can face any obstacle that is thrown their way. It’s about walking the journey of life side by side.

Brooke began her dancing career at the early age of 3 and has been dedicating much of her time and commitment to the art form ever since. Brooke is well versed in most styles of dance, and she has worked with some of the most sought out choreographers in the dance community.

Learn more about North London Dance Centre at

Dance is…by Nicholas Noguera

Choreographer & performer: Nicholas Noguera

“Dance is…” explores dance as defined by children through playful movement improvisation.

Nicolas Noguera was born in London, Ontario and started dancing at Lester B Pearson School for the Arts. After participating in a production of the Nutcracker by Dance Step Studio, they started taking dance classes after school. In high school, Nicolas did some competitive dance and musical theater before attending the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School for three years. They continued dancing at The Juilliard School in New York City where they graduated with a BFA in Dance in May 2020. Nicolas teaches dance and choreography at Dance Steps Studio and plants trees with Heritage Reforestation Inc. They have a passion for education, environmental conservation, and mental wellness.

Learn more about Nicholas on his social media channels.

“As Lágrimas de Yansã” by Kaitlin Torrance

Choreographer & performer: Kaitlin Torrance
Music Credits: Lido Pimienta, Denilson Oluwafemi

This is a solo work created in tandem with a group collaborative process. I’ve been fortunate to participate for the past 16 months in Griotlab Method Online, an immersive course in movement, science and philosophy conceived and directed by Paco Gomes from Bahia Brazil. This solo is the third I’ve created throughout the course of study, under the dramaturgical eye of Paco. The inspiration for this solo was the study of an Orixá ( the name for deities in AfroBrazilian Spiritual Practice of Candomblé) and the solo is a culmination of my study of the goddess Oyá; her character, stories, archetypal characteristics, and an embodiment of my relationship with her. Having begun this research with an OAC residency grant in 2016, and after further analytical study during my somatic movement training, this solo is the present iteration of my long held interest in and passion for AfroBrazilian movement and culture, and the universal embodiment of our shared mythologies.

Kaitlin Torrance is a dancer, singer and actor with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Ryerson University. Since graduating she has danced works of Karen Kaeja, Typecast Dance Company, Hit&Run Productions, William Yong/Zata Omm, Brendan Fernandes, and has performed in Nuit Blanche, Fringe Festival and Summerworks productions in Toronto. Since 2012 she has worked with Corpus Dance Projects, touring across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. As a singer Kaitlin performs as Sporty Spice with Toronto’s Wannabe: A Spice Girls Tribute. Kaitlin has collaborated with Jamii Esplanade, an award winning community arts organization, on various projects since 2015. She has performed with Brazilian dance company Dance Migration since 2008 in festivals, full length productions and tours to South America and Europe. Since moving to London in 2019, Kaitlin has been thrilled to explore the art of improvisation with the multidisciplinary artists of Public Displays of Art.

Learn more about Kaitlin as a dance on her social media channels.

Freestyle by Kevin Clements

Kevin Clements by Jason Sunio

Music Credits: Three Years Later by Wize
Choreographer and performer: Kevin Clements

Kevin Clements is an emerging artist based in London, Ontario. He received his dance education from the school of life. Kevin is powerful performer in a wide range of styles and is a frequent collaborator with La Compagnie de Danse and O.N.E Dance Centre.


Wait by La Compaigne

Photo: La Compaigne by Jason Sunio

Performers: Cynthia Nakeyar (Artistic Director), Kevin Clements, , Dana Hambly, Allan Pao, Michelle Kim, Christina Tsaltas, Shannon Filson, Yuan Sui, Stephanie Marentette, Karishma Hosein, Clara Gharibo, Justine Strokan, Jordan Lenz

An exploration of time, space, and what is found in the in-between.

La Compagnie de Danse is a local movement company. Members are inspired by various styles of dance including lyrical, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary, among others. Artistic director, Cynthia Nakeyar, aims to provide an inclusive space for all members to move, explore, collaborate, create and perform together, as well as learn from each other’s movement and experiences.

Windows of Time (live remix) by Andrea Nann & Dancers

Directed and inspired by Andrea Nann
Created by the performers

Rehearsal Director: Cynthia Nakeyar
Performers: Nicole Barnes, Kevin Clements, Dana Hambly, Cynthia Nakeyar, Bizz Varty

Music: Awake by Lambert, Realign by Henry Green

Windows of Time is a metaphor for the many barriers we face. The window is a transparent barrier that has separated and protected us, trapped and restricted us, isolated and contained us.  It has kept us safe but also apart.  We have been communicating through windows in our homes and in digital spaces with our loved ones and strangers. We are also existing in window-frames of time, where windows of possibility for human experiences and meaningful connections continue to widen and narrow, open and close. It is my hope that in doing this work, and by exploring this metaphor we can begin to transcend some barriers by opening a portal to reconnect us to one another, to ourselves and to nature.

These performers participated in a weekend workshop and film creation with Andrea Nann in early September. The footage will be used in two films premiering in 2022. Learn more about the project on the LDF website, and about Andrea at

Thanks to Andrea Nann, Henry Mak, Dance Ontario, London Dance Network, 519 School of Hip Hop, and Crouch Library