Technique Tuesdays

Weekly Technique Class for Experienced Dancers
Tuesdays 12:15-1:30pm on Zoom

Photos clockwise: Hannah Elias by BeanBot Photography, Patricia Vasconcellos by Jason Sunio, Jim Han by Jesse Craig, Abbey Richens by Natasha Smith

A class for experienced dancers to train with professional teachers in a variety of dance styles. Keep your body in tune and learn about dance culture and history with a weekly technique class taught by an expert in their field. You do not need to have training in the style being offered, however it will be assumed that students have advanced-level movement skills and body awareness. Join other experienced movers and learn something new! The classes will be hosted on Zoom each Tuesday from 12:15-1:30pm. Can’t make the scheduled time? No problem! We’ll record the class and send the link to anyone who has pre-registered.

Each class is just $5. Payments are accepted by e-transfer, please fill out this form to register We do not want to exclude anyone, if you want to participate and this fee is beyond your means, please reach out.

We are offering one month of FREE Technique Tuesday classes to all London and area artists who complete our survey or attend a Round Table.

We’re looking for more teachers! Send us a description of your work and the class you would like to teach at 


DateClasssee descriptions & bios below
June 1Soca Fusion
with Roveena Jassal
June 8Hip Hop
with Jim Han
June 15Contemporary
with Olivia Armstrong
June 22Dance-Yoga-Pilates Fusion OPEN TO ALL LEVELS
with Bizz Varty
June 29No class (summer workshops will be announced soon)
Technique Tuesdays will be paused in
July & August and resume in September.

June 22 – Dance-Yoga-Pilates Fusion with Bizz Varty OPEN TO ALL LEVELS

Bizz Varty by Nina Sampson

Come and play where rolldowns meet downward dog and imprints become improvisations, and enjoy a workout for folks who like to roll around on the floor in time to music. Bizz will guide you through a dance-infused yoga and pilates flow that will leave you sweaty, grounded, and ready to create or perform. You’ll unstick your stuck parts while tuning your body to the rhythm of your breath.

Bizz recommends doing this class on a yoga mat or carpet, and bringing two balls (lacrosse, tennis, or tune-up balls) for self-massage.

Bizz Varty is the founder and Director of Centre of Movement Arts and London Dance Festival. She has taught dance, yoga and pilates for nearly 30 years to students of all ages and experience levels. She holds a BFA in Dance from York University and her choreography has been seen across the province. She has a wealth of experience with injuries and loves to help other dancers move better and with less pain.

July & August – Technique Tuesdays will be paused for the summer and resume in September

June 15 – Contemporary with Olivia Armstrong

Movement from the spine and pelvis informs a lot of my choreographic phrasing and warm up. I like to lead a class starting with a comprehensive stretch and strength, incorporating movement from the spine, followed by longer phrases of technique and finishing up with a choreographic phrase. Class is a fusion of contemporary movement with an influence of jazz

Olivia grew up dancing in London, Ontario and moved to Toronto to further her training in the Performance Dance program at Ryerson University. During her time at Ryerson, Olivia had the opportunity to work and collaborate with many wonderful choreographers such as Louis Laberge-Cote, Kate Hilliard, Matjash Mrozewski and others. Olivia has had the opportunity to dance and perform with Release Dance Project and continues to dance and perform around the city. Most recently, she has trained with Northwest Dance Project in Portland, Oregon. Olivia has a strong passion for teaching and loves to share her knowledge and joy of dance with her students!

June 8 – Hip Hop with Jim Han

Hip Hop, like all other subcultures and dance forms we learn, has its own history, cultural roots and foundation.

It is crucial to understand the origins and study the past, if we want to move forward with the knowledge attained.

Join Jim Han aka JFX of 519 School of Hip Hop as he breaks down the art of freestyle, applying the funk formula and the fundamentals of Hip Hop as a street dance – bounce, rock & groove.

June 1 – Soca Fusion with Roveena Jassal

Roveena is a believer of combining self expression and cultural exploration through dance. In this soca fusion class, Roveena will be using various techniques from traditional Caribbean soca moves along with energetic Bollywood steps. Focusing on fluid body roll movements, whine and waistline, and of course, twerking, dancers will learn how to achieve more body control and mind body connection. This class is for all levels who want to sway and swerve their hips, while still feeling their heart pump to the beat. 

Roveena Chand Jassal has been dancing in Bollywood, Bhangra, Indian classical, and Caribbean dance for 16 years. She has performed for various weddings and events and has travelled with dance teams for various competitions. From teaching fun choreographies at Western University to being recorded at Navy Pier in Chicago, Roveena has deemed the stage as her second home. Combining her passions for the arts and learning about the world, she loves to combine various styles together, honouring the diversity that dance has the ability to enhance.

May 25 – Embodied Ballet with Dorit Osher (all-levels)

Dorit Osher by Michaela Devine-Altenburg

An embodied ballet barre class that uses a somatic approach with the use of ballet vocabulary. We will explore: The interaction between internal and external environments; Sensing the side seams and spirals of the body; Utilize experiential anatomy; Developing a relationship with the floor/gravity; Articulation of the spine.

Resistance band that is 2m in length will be used in the class. We will end with a stretch.

Dorit Osher, MSW, RSW is a psychotherapist, dancer, educator and creator. She has worked as a professional contemporary dancer with the Batsheva Dance Company in TelAviv, Israel, and as an independent dance artist in London (UK), Amsterdam, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, and South Africa. Dorit is a Clinical Social Worker who works as a psychotherapist with a focus in somatic psychology. She is interested in the creation of movement that evolves from improvisational movement/dance and is curious about developing movement that captures the complexity and expression of our humanity.

Patricia recommends doing this class wearing comfortable clothes and closed shoes (ballet shoes, ballroom dance shoes, Flamenco shoes, or running shoes), and she recommends watching the workshop she gave on April 24th. To see the video replay of her April 24th workshops, simply email us a request at

May 18 – Improvisation: Basic Techniques with Hannah Elias

Photo: Hannah Elias by BeanBot Photography

The class will focus on body and space awareness, finding your edge, and feeling into your authentic movement.

Hannah Elias is a professional contemporary movement artist from London, ON. She has trained and performed both nationally and internationally, including professional contemporary and classical dance training through the Leggere Strutture Art Factory International in Bologna, Italy (2015-2016) and the Disha Dance International Dance Gathering (Cochin, India; 2017). Hannah performed and trained with Dasein Dance Theatre (London, ON; 2011-15) and danced professionally with Compagnia Balafori (Milan, Italy; 2016). Back home in London, Hannah teaches guest workshops at schools and studios across southwestern Ontario, choreographs for several schools and theatre companies within London (Original Kids Theatre Company; Musical Theatre Productions), and is the founder and co-artistic director of the multidisciplinary artist collective Public Displays of Art.

May 11 – Bellydance with Luna of Rising Moon

Luna by Hugh Wilson

Explore the ancient art of Bellydance. We will focus on fundamentals including slow figure eights, arm and hands frames and movements, different kinds of shimmies and travelling steps. We will play with combinations and form a connection with the music. Please wear comfortable workout clothes and a scarf of any kind around your hips if you have one. No shoes are required. Also keep water handy to stay hydrated especially after the shimmy practice! 

I grew up in Colombia, South America, and moved to London, Ontario in 2003 where I started taking bellydancing classes with various master instructors. Through the years, I developed a passion for this art and it is what I love to do. I enjoy performing, developing choreography, and exploring the various bellydance styles and fusions. Since 2012, I have been teaching in London. I am the founder of Rising Moon Bellydance and have performed as a soloist and with my troupe in various festivals and events in Ontario and the US.

May 4 – Flamenco with Patricia Vasconcellos

Patricia Vasconcellos by Scott Draper

• Flamenco lesson with movements for practice “FLAMENCO POR TANGOS”
• Trial of clappings (Palmas), dance steps (Passeo) and basic footwork
(Taconeo), arm (Braceo), and  wrist (Floreo) basic movements
• Trial of Body Posture in Flamenco Dance through a “TANGOS” Flamenco 

At 17 years old, Patricia Vasconcellos started to study Spanish Dance and followed Flamenco studies for more than 18 years. In 2010, she started studying tap flamenco technique, castanets, and Bata de Cola with choreographer and dancer Mr. Danny Souza. She joined the Claude Debussy Centre of Dance and Arts where she performed and studied Flamenco Culture for 6 years. In 2017, Patricia moved to London, Ontario, Canada, and in  2019, she opened FLAMENCO DEL SUR DANCE STUDIO and started to bring the Flamenco culture and flamenco style (instruments, accessories, and tap) to London. She performed at the London Dance Festival and many other events in London and has been teaching Flamenco Rhythm to musicians and Flamenco Dance to students.

April 27 – Bollywood with Josette Joseph

Josette Joseph by Tyana Maria

Josette has been training in Bollywood and Indian Classical styles for 19 years and has performed on tv, on stage in front of thousands, and alongside some of Bollywood’s top stars. In this class, participants will learn some Bollywood technique along with a quick routine to “Jai Ho”.

Josette has been dancing for 19 years. She began training and performing in Bollywood, which she currently teaches at PFA, then branched out to Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop in high school. She has competed in numerous competitions (and placed first with her team in a national competition), has performed on TV, and has been paid to perform around Ontario. She has trained with well-known, Toronto-based companies such as Badass Babes and DARK Dance.

April 20 – Kathak Indian Classical Dance with Priyanka Tope

Priyanka Tope by Nachiket Deshpande

During this workshop, Priyanka would like to explore the way in which Kathak dancers think about rhythm and music in relation to movement.

Priyanka Tope is an Indian Classical artist based in London, Ontario. She has learned the North Indian style of dance, called Kathak, which is known for its rigorous footwork and fast pirouettes. Priyanka adapts the style and technique of Kathak to express stories and emotions that speak to her North American experiences, while staying true to the artform. Priyanka also performs Indian Classical vocal music. Having sensibility in both music and dance has helped to bridge the gap and create a much more spiritual relation to performing arts.

April 6 – Creative Techniques with Isabella Di Liello

Isabella Di Liello by: Alvin Collantes

This technique Tuesday, Isabella will lead a creative session where we will dive into our creative potential and expansive physicality through composition.

Isabella Di Liello is a dancer and choreographer based in Canada. She received her formal training at Israel’s Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Pre-Professional MASA program in Ga’aton Israel, where she performed her own work as well as Rami Be’er & Cullberg repertoire. Most recently, Isabella was selected as a finalist to perform her solo work, Validation is for Parking, for the Solo Tanz Theatre Festival in Stuttgart, Germany and Linkage International Choreography Competition in Sofia, Bulgaria. In recent years, Isabella has participated extensively in training intensives including Gaga and Batsheva repertoire in Orsolina, Italy, New York, Israel & Los Angeles. She also received training through Modus Operandi, Ate9 and MIP2. Other credits include Choreographing/Performing in music videos & concerts for artists RALPH & W. Darling. She also toured the USA as an assistant with Intrigue Dance Intensive and shared in a number of choreographic residencies with HB. Beal Performing Arts Dance program.

March 16 – Limon/Graham/Improv Modern Mash-up with Abbey Richens

Photo by Natasha Smith

Abbey’s class will be a Limon-improv-Graham mash-up, from her experience she will be leading a short Graham-inspired floor work section, some Limon exercises that explore weight and gravity across the floor, and ending class with a guided improvisation. Bring water, danceable clothes, and yourself (in whatever space you are in, this class can be done from a teeny tiny apartment or a larger space!!)

Abbey Richens is an emerging dance artist currently in her second year of a BFA in dance (focusing on choreography and performance) at York University. She is a curator and co-founder of @themeaningfulmovement on Instagram (her emerging organization- a virtual arts collective!) Abbey’s goals are to pursue a career in performance, teaching, and choreographing. Abbey values accessibility in dance education and wants to continue sharing her passion for dance. 

March 9 – Intro to Flamenco with Patricia Vasconcellos

• Introductory Flamenco lesson with basic movements for practice
• Trial of dance steps (Passeo) and basic footwork (Taconeo), arm (Braceo) and  wrist (Floreo) basic movements 
• Trial of Body Posture in Flamenco Dance through a Folkloric Flamenco  Rhythm

At 17 years old, Patricia Vasconcellos started to study Spanish Dance with the choreographer and  Flamenco Dancer, Mrs. Suzane Travassos, at Casa Azul Academy. Later, she studied  with the Flamenco Mrs. Izabel Moratti, at Espaco Darma School, Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil. In 2009, Patricia moved to Brasilia, Federal District, and continued her  studies with the Flamenco dancer, Mrs. Patricia Weingrill at Studio de Danca  Capricho Espanhol. In 2010, she started studying tap flamenco technique, castanets, and Bata de Cola with choreographer and dancer Mr. Danny Souza. She joined the Claude Debussy Centre of Dance and Arts where performed and studied Flamenco Culture for 6 years. In 2017, Patricia moved to London, Ontario, Canada, and in  2019, she opened FLAMENCO DEL SUR DANCE STUDIO and started to bring the Flamenco culture and flamenco style (instruments, accessories, and tap) to London. She performed at the London Dance Festival and many other events in London and has been teaching Flamenco Rhythm to musicians and Flamenco Dance to students.

March 2 – Webinar: Zoom for Dance Teachers

Learn the basics of teaching dance online from professional teachers and studio owners Kelly Hajar of North London Dance Centre and Jennifer Hiltz of Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company. Kelly and Jennifer will give you an overview of good practices and then take questions from participants. 

Kelly Hajar is the owner of North London Dance Centre, currently celebrating it’s 23rd year, and a member of the Centre of Movement Arts’ Board of Directors. She has been involved in dance for more than 30 years, and graduated from the Intensive Training Program at Maritime Dance Academy in Nova Scotia. An avid performer and choreographer, she has created more than 20 original commissioned works during her career, and was the recipient of the prestigious Pat Richard’s Choreographic Award at the age of 20. Kelly also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Saint Mary’s University, and is a mother of three.

Jennifer Hiltz is a graduate of the Fine Arts Faculty of York University where she earned her Bachelor’s in Fine Art with Honours in Dance and is the owner and Artistic Director of Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company. Jennifer has studied the art of dance from a very early age and has earned various accreditation and awards from York University, the Royal Academy of Dance, the British Association of Teachers in Dancing, Toronto Dance Theatre, and the National Ballet of Canada. Jennifer is also, a registered member of the Royal Academy of Dance, The British Association of Teachers of Dancing, ADAPT dance Syllabus, a registered AcroDance Instructor, and the director of the Little Theatre Company.