Cleanse, Heal, Bookend. screening

The Centre of Movement Arts is proud to present the premiere screening of Cleanse, Heal, Bookend. (also known as “The Beach Show”) by La Compagnie de Danse.

Cleanse, Heal, Bookend. by La Compagnie de Danse
“The Beach Show” Film Screening
Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 7:00 PM
Wolf Performance Hall
Tickets $15
Followed by a Q&A with the artists, facilitated by Bizz Varty
Featuring live performances by Dana Hambly & Kevin Clements!

Filmed on location at Port Stanley beach in 2021, this full-length dance work explores the elements of grief and growth through storytelling. All of the artists involved were provided the opportunity to share personal stories from their perspective in a safe space that welcomed dancers to be raw vulnerability without fear of judgment. The result is a deeply moving piece that will take audiences on an emotional journey.

“Collectively, we created a show exploring the Grieving process. Based on everyone’s individual stories, this experience allowed us to see others, witness their stories, and be seen.”

Dancers: Alicia Raphael, Allan Pao, Alli Robb, Christina Tsaltas, Clara Gharibo, Dana Hambly, Jordan Lenz, Julie Mytka, Justine Strokan, Karishma Hosein, Kevin Clements, Michelle Kim, Nicola Popp, Shannon Filson, Stephanie Marentette,Yuan Sui

Artistic Director & Choreographer: Cynthia Aguiar

Guest Choreographers: Codie Primeau, Mike Kayla, Jasmine Paul and Paige Krizan

Thank you O.N.E. Dance Centre, Lavish London, and Sound in Motion Studio for providing rehearsal space.

La Compagnie de Danse is based at O.N.E. Dance Centre in London, Ontario. The company has performed in several London Dance Festivals and become a crowd favourite on the London Arts Live roster. Members of the company have been involved in music videos including Big Lou’s 2021 release “As A Crew.”

Photo by Jason Sunio

La Compagnie de Danse practices a variety of movement styles. They love to create according to their environment as well as their personal yet relatable experiences which often leads to a merging of styles.

Members of la Compagnie de Danse share an incredible passion for dance, community, experience and art, and are honoured to represent the francophone community within London’s artistic family.