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  1. Public Displays of Art Augmented Spaces 1
  2. Nick Gordon The Belé

PDA – Public Display of Arts Augmented Spaces 1
2021 LDF Commission

This work-in-progress film – generously supported by the Centre of Movement Arts, the London Arts Council, and London Community Foundation, and the City of London – will become one of a series of short films. The viewers are invited to explore and experience the city in new ways and watch as we discover the lines through space and place. See these places with new eyes; uncover details you’ve never seen before.

Presented by Public Displays of Art; featuring Ruth Douthwright, Hannah Elias, and Kaitlin Torrance.

Cinematography and soundscape by Marshall Stonefish

Special thanks to the London Dance Festival and Centre of Movement Arts for supporting our initial creative process, as well as the London Arts Council for supporting the production and creation of this film.

Nick Gordon The Belé

Choreographer: Nick Gordon
Performers: Elizabeth and Nick Gordon
Videography: Richard Goodine and Christine Stebel
Editor: Christine Stebel
Produced by Centre of Movement Arts

The Bele originated as a combination of French and African dance forms. During the late 18th Century, the French aristocracy came to the West Indies as plantation owners, and brought with them their African or Creole slaves who worked on the land.   The lifestyle of the owners was one of ‘joie de vivre’ and this exuberant enjoyment of life was reflected in many Grand Balls held at the Great houses. The dances at these events were similar to the European dance form, which reflected a regal and elegant style  The house slaves taught their fellow field slaves the rhythm and dance form of their French owners,  copying their dance style and attire.   However the slaves added their own finesse by having ceremonious bows, making grand entrances, using graceful gliding steps which imitated the elegance of the French. Thus, the Bele dance was born and today, it is a major part of the culture and tradition of Trinidad and Tobago.

Nick Gordon is a professional Dancer and Choreographer born in the beautiful twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, currently residing in the Forest City of London ON. He specializes in teaching Caribbean Folk Dance, Musical Theatre and Contemporary and has incorporated dance and aerobics in his exercise program as a Dance Fitness Instructor. He holds: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from the University of Trinidad and Tobago, Performing Arts Certificate from Sheridan College and Practitioners Certificate in Theatre Arts from the University of The West Indies. His credits include: Producer, Choreographer and Actor in productions such as Phantom of The Opera, Les Miserables and West Side Story all staged in Queen’s Hall, Trinidad, Producer, Artistic Director and Choreographer of  Broadway dance excerpts for his non-profit organization called the Grant-a-Wish Foundation Santa Claus Parade held in Trinidad. Recently, Nick was chosen to portray Caribbean Folk Dance and Musical Theatre Dance for the London Arts Council’s AECE program and since then, has gotten involved in many arts related projects throughout London.

Nick looks forward to continue offering his talents to the Canadian landscape and hopes to inspire and bring joy through his work.

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