July 2: Live Performances

Saturday, July 2 – Ivey Park
Location: Ivey Park, 331 Thames St.
FREE but donations are gratefully accepted!
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4pm Workshop with Isabella Di Liello
5pm Dance Mob Workshop with Jesselle Paguergan
5pm Still, Life – Augmented Reality Installation by Public Displays of Art
6-8pm Live Performance
All Day: Interactive Dance Map

Join us for an exciting, free, LIVE dance event in Ivey Park. Learn new moves in all-levels workshops, then see London’s talented dance artists perform on nature’s stage.

Still, Life – an Augmented Reality Installation by Public Displays of Art

PDA by Marshall Stonefish

Choreographers: Kaitlin Torrance, Hannah Elias, Ruth Douthwright
Performers: Kaitlin Torrance, Ruth Douthwright, Hannah Elias, Marshall Stonefish

Still, Life is an Augmented Reality installation. Bring your smartphone and experience dance in a whole new way through photography and film using the Artivive app your own device! Three images come to life embodying themes of care, regeneration and home, explored through bodies and sites in London. We invite you to interact with the installation in your own way… follow your curiosity.

Public Displays of Art (PDA) is a multidisciplinary artists’ collective. Our members share a long working history and come from diverse art and somatic movement backgrounds, including but not limited to classical, contemporary, folkloric, and social dance, as well as photography and visual art. These eclectic experiences cultivate an innovative, multidisciplinary, and collaborative working environment that results in interactive and consciousness-raising creations. Our aim is to create work that is accessible and immersive in the community in order to engage the public in the arts more often, and we do this by showing our work in public spaces and non-traditional performance venues throughout the city. Improvisation-based methods are the foundation of our work, and they provide an ever-changing landscape of impulses and inspiration derived from our environment and our relationships with ourselves and others. PDA is cultivating this way of working together in which all members have a distinct role and share creative responsibility within the compositional process. As an artistic collective, we are interested in the idea of connection. How do we connect to ourselves, to others, to the space around us, to the Earth and sky? How can we use touch, spatial awareness, and the integration of multiple artistic disciplines into our practice to build these connections, subsequently designing the space around us and discovering new ways to engage with our immediate surroundings? Much of our work explores these simple questions and investigates how we connect as human beings through time and space.

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Dancing for our Ancestors by The Ukwehuwe Connection

The Ukwehuwe Connection by Jason Sunio

Choreographer: Frazer Sundown
Performers: Frazer Sundown, Donna Phillips, Shane Cameron Jr.

Speaking about our history and past. Bringing it alive through song and dance.

The Ukwehuwe Connection originate from the Oneida Nation and bring Indigenous Culture alive through song and dance. Our Moccasins have travelled many miles throughout Turtle Island.

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what you are(n’t) missing by Isabella Di Liello

Isabella Di Liello by Jason Plant

Choreographer & performer: Isabella Di Liello
Music credits: Original Music by Ben Bernadini (London based Musician)

This solo is entitled “what you are(n’t) missing” and is an expression of lack and abundance. I have asked myself how those two ideas can exist simultaneously in our lives and in our bodies. Recently, I have felt a new sense of urgency to make art that is reflective of what is present in this moment. I am asking myself what to keep and what to let go. Through texture, repetition and stories, I hope to unpack these ideas in this work.

Isabella Di Liello is a dancer and choreographer based in Canada. She completed her formal training at Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company MASA program where she performed her own work as well as Rami Be’er & Mats Ek repertoire. Most recently, Isabella was selected as a finalist to perform her solo work, Validation is for Parking, for the Solo Tanz Theatre Festival in Stuttgart, Germany and Linkage International Choreography Competition in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her most recent work includes performing at the Festival Quartiers Danses in Montreal Canada in Jessica Muszynski’s FamLy and the development of a new solo, funded in part by the London Arts Council, Community Investment Programand the Ontario Arts Council.

Learn more about Isabella and her work at www.isabelladiliello.com

Starfish by Nicolas Noguera

Nicolas Noguera by Jason Sunio

Choreographer: Nicolas Noguera
Dancers: Connor McPhail, Vivian Noguera, Hannah Raymond, and Larkin Schering
Music credits: Badwater Psalm – Nailah Hunter Remixed: by Bing & Ruth, Nailah Hunter Delta Rain Dream: by Jon Hassell, Brian Eno Little Spring; by Tomasz Bednarczyk Petal: by Raveena

“Starfish” is a dance theatre piece about the starfish at the beach that get washed inland, too far from the waves. It is about a child who goes to help the stranded starfish and the adult that tells the child that it is hopeless. There will always be starfish that get stranded. “Starfish” takes that conflict, puts it under a microscope, and abstracts it into dance. “Starfish” has four scenes, and a cast of four dancers telling a story with space, time, and their imagination.

Nicolas Noguera took their first dance class at Lester B Pearson School for the Arts. They continued outside of school at Dance Steps Studio until Grade 10 when they got accepted to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. After graduating high school and ballet school, they were accepted and attended The Juilliard School in New York City, graduating in May 2020. Nicolas has danced in 32 dance pieces and choreographed 47 dances so far. They have performed work by Martha Graham, Ohad Naharin, Trisha Brown, and Peter Chu.

Middle Eastern Classics by Rising Moon Bellydance

Photo by Jason Sunio

Choreographer: Luna
Performers: Sandra “Luna” Wilson, Louisa Stacey and Betsy Esbaugh
Music credits:
Enta Omri by Oum Kathloun, Ah Ya Zein by Sabah and Rompi Rompi by Omer Faruk. Arrangements by Light of East Ensemble

Rising Moon Bellydance owner Luna and her students will perform freestyle Bellydance to classic Arabic and Turkish folk live music performed by Light of the East Ensemble.

Bellydance is a beautiful art and something Luna is very passionate about. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Rising Moon Bellydance Troupe. Originally from Colombia, South America, she loves teaching and performing multiple styles of Bellydance. Bellydance became a passion of hers almost 20 years ago and she strongly believes everyone should experience it. She performs at a wide range of the London, Ontario festivals and private events, as a soloist or with her troupe. Classes are held at her studio located in Wortley Village, London all year long.

Learn more about Bellydance at www.risingmoonbellydance.co

Shift by La Compagnie de Danse

La Compagnie de Danse by Jason Sunio

Choreographers & Performers: Cynthia Aguiar & Kevin Clements

A work-in-progress from La Compagnie de danse. Sometimes things change. Sometimes things Shift. What’s the difference? This piece is being prepared for their upcoming show at TAP center for creativity on July 22nd and 23rd.

Just a Cloud Away by Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company

Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company by Jason Sunio

Choreographers: Jennifer Hiltz, Madison Dafoe, Michaela Craig and Charlotte Reid
Dancers: Petra Bilic, Lauren Burridge, Riley DeLuca, Ava Goddard, Isabelle Hiltz, Nico Hiltz, Brynne Howey, Keira Humbali, Izabella Kowalcyk, Adalyn McCracken, Skye Morris, Gillian Perkins, Mya Salama, Marlowe Stafford, Alexa Wagner
Music credits: Just a Cloud Away (Pharrell Williams)

A look into how brighter days are always on the horizon.

At Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company, we believe that inspiring our children to participate in the performing arts gives them the tools to become empowered and confident young adults. Our trained and experienced staff, mentor our students as they train in classical and contemporary styles of dance and musical theatre. We build them up so that they can reach their full potential as dancers, performers and as confident kids. Established in 2010, Bella Pointe Dance is celebrating 12 glorious years of high-quality dance education in our community of London, Ontario.

Learn more at www.bellepointedance.ca

Creep by Sarah Bragg

Photography by Matea, Dancers: Mikayla Branco, Dorianna Porta, Sarah Zong

Choreographer: Sarah Bragg
Dancers: Mikayla Branco, Dorianna Porta, and Sarah Zong
Music credits: Creep – Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Cover ft. Hailey Reinhart

Competitive Trio choreographed to a vintage cover which has enjoyed performing and competing together over the past 18 months. These dancers were the recipients of many special awards and overall standings, recognized for their style and commitment to storytelling.

Sarah Bragg, Artistic Director of All 4 One Dance Company.
Bachelor of Education. Member B.A.T.D. (Stage and Jazz Branches).
Ms. Sarah began dancing at 4 years of age and has been teaching and choreographing in London and area since 1990. Versed in all disciplines, she is a full member of the B.A.T.D. with the Stage and Jazz Branches. Sarah is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario where she received her Bachelor of Education and also studied modern dance, jazz, improvisation and choreography. Working with students of all ages, she enjoys teaching all styles including jazz, lyrical, ballet, contemporary and musical theatre but will happily admit that tap dancing holds a special place in her heart! Sarah has won numerous choreography awards and her students have received scholarships and many overall titles across South Western Ontario and internationally. Sarah loves to share her creativity and dedication with her students as Artistic Director of All 4 One Dance Company

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At Once by Young Company of North London Dance Centre

Photography by Jason Sunio

Choreographers: Hannah Elias
Performers: Lyla Hajar, Jenna Russell, Anna Archibald, Ainsley Morgan, Isabelle Chandler, Ari Burgess, Nicole Jamieson, Isabella Russell and MacKenzie Mercer
Music credits: On the Nature of Daylight by Max Richter

Hannah Elias is a professional contemporary movement artist from London, ON. She has trained and performed both nationally and internationally, including professional contemporary and classical dance training through the Leggere Strutture Art Factory International in Bologna, Italy (2015-2016) and the Disha Dance International Dance Gathering (Cochin, India; 2017). Hannah performed and trained with Dasein Dance Theatre (London, ON; 2011-15) and danced professionally with Compagnia Balafori (Milan, Italy; 2016). Back home in London, Hannah teaches guest workshops at schools and studios across southwestern Ontario, choreographs for several schools and theatre companies within London (Original Kids Theatre Company; Musical Theatre Productions), and is the founder and co-artistic director of the multidisciplinary artist collective Public Displays of Art.

To learn more about the Young Company of North London Dance Centre visit their website or follow them on Instagram here.

Better Days by Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company

Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company by Jason Sunio

Choreographers: Jennifer Hiltz
Dancers: Ava Goddard, Peyton Kew, Morrigan Beharriell, Riley DeLuca, Evan Doerr, Pascale ElRayes, Brynne Howey, Isabelle Parent, Gillian Perkins, Victoria Trampleasure
Music credits: Better Days by OneRepublic

This piece is an expression of the impact that COVID had on our society and how we as dancers continued to look inward and rely on our art to emerge stronger together.

To learn more about Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company, please click HERE.

This Woman’s Work by All 4 One Dance Company

Photography “This Woman’s Work “ provided by one12photo

Choreographer: Sarah Bragg
Performers: Mikayla Branco, Isabelle Neil
Music credits: This Woman’s Work – Elle Henderson

The piece of art this Woman’s Work tries to show the legacy of womanhood and the impact it has and has left.

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You Will Be Found by Jennifer Hiltz

Choreographer: Jennifer Hiltz
Performers: Riley DeLuca, Ava Goddard, Isabelle Hiltz, Brynne Howey, and Gillian Perkins
Music credits: Dermot Kennedy

A dance about hope and how you are never alone in times of need.

You can visit their website to know more about Jennifer Hiltz and her work.

Bang Bang by All 4 One Dance Company

Choreographer: Jaden Rand
Adelina Antolini, Mikayla Branco, Nolan Forsythe, Isaac Sellars, Isabelle Neil. Dorianna Porta, Delaney Stewart, Nicole Wojnas
Music credits:
Bang Bang by Will.I.Am

“Bang Bang” is a fun, upbeat hip hop group routine.

Jaden has been dancing since 3 years of age, starting as many do with a pre-school combo class. Very quickly, she discovered her love of movement and music and continued to learn and study many styles including tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, hip hop and pointe.

Jaden has completed exams with both the B.A.T.D. and R.A.D. and is an associate stage member with the B.A.T.D. Jaden graduated from Beal Secondary School where she was heavily involved in the dance program exploring her own talents for choreography. She danced on the HEAT dance team at UWO and teaches regularly at All 4 One Dance Company in Lambeth.

Jaden is known for her sense of humour and contagious energy in class and on stage! She has received many overall awards, acknowledgements and scholarships over the years and has also been selected to attend the B.A.T.D. Western Ontario Scholarships Class in Stage. Jaden loves working with children and youth: encouraging all students to fall in love with dance!

If you would like to learn more about this piece and other works, visit All 4 One Dance Company on Instagram HERE.

Flight by Young Company of North London Dance Centre

Photographer: Jason Sunio

Choreographer: Pam Eddleston
Performers: Lyla Hajar, Jenna Russell, Anna Archibald, Ainsley Morgan, Isabelle Chandler, Ari Burgess, Nicole Jamieson, Isabella Russell and MacKenzie Mercer
Music credits: Yo-Yo Ma

Fellow and International Examiner of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, Pamela has enjoyed a career as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer for over 50 years. Trained and danced professionally in the UK, Pamela emigrated to Canada in 1974 where she developed her own studio and taught in the dance programme at the University of Western Ontario until 1989. This was followed by 7 years in Sydney, Australia as Head of the Dance Stream at McDonald College for the Performing Arts, and senior marker for the HSC in dance studies.

Pamela has written regularly for Dance for 30 years; her biography of Zelia Raye and the development of Modern Theatre Dance is published by the ISTD.

Pamela now divides her time between the UK and Canada, teaches in the dance department of the Don Wright Faculty of Music in London, Ontario, as well as travels the globe in her capacity as an international examiner, tutor and lecturer with the ISTD.

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Saturn by All 4 One Dance Company

Choreographer: Olivia Johnston
Performers: Megan Bogart, Nicole Wojnas
Music credits: Saturn by Sleeping At Last

“Saturn” is an Acro Duet – Competitive/Performance Piece, focusing on counterbalance and complimentary movement.

Olivia began dancing at age 6 and quickly found a passion for all styles of dance, but especially excelled in acro, contortion, tumbling and aerial arts.

Olivia was a competitive dancer for many years and was often recognized for her flexibility and lovely lines. She has trained in both the B.A.T.D. and Acrobatic Arts syllabi and is completing her modules 1 and 2 teacher’s qualifications.

Olivia has taught both recreational and competitive students in Clinton, Wingham, Goderich and London. Whether in weekly dance class or when polishing a routine, Olivia strives to bring out the best in each student. She is a valued staff member at All 4 One Dance Company in Lambeth.

Check out All 4 One Dance Company on Instagram to learn more about their dance pieces.

Saudação a Oxumarê e Oya by Young Company of North London Dance Centre

Photography by Jason Sunio

Choreographer: Kaitlin Torrance
Music credits: Saudação a Oxumarê e Oya by Batucada Tamarindo

Kaitlin Torrance is a dancer, singer and actor with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Ryerson University. Since graduating she has danced works of Karen Kaeja, Typecast Dance Company, Hit&Run Productions, William Yong/Zata Omm, and Brendan Fernandes, and has performed in Nuit Blanche, Fringe Festival and Summerworks productions in Toronto.

Since 2012 she has worked with Corpus Dance Projects, touring across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. As a singer Kaitlin performs as ‘Sporty’ with Toronto’s Wannabe: A Spice Girls Tribute. Since 2015 Kaitlin has enjoyed collaborating with Jamii Esplanade, an award-winning community arts organization, as both choreographer and performer. She has performed with the Brazilian dance company Dance Migration since 2008 locally and internationally.

New to London, Kaitlin is currently exploring the art of improvisation with the local collective Public Displays of Art. Recently certified as a Movement Analyst and Somatic Practitioner, she facilitates Somatic Movement sessions at Thrive Family Wellness in London.

Interested in Kaitlin Torrance and its contribution to the Brazilian dance?.
Visit the Young Company of North London Dance Centre on Instagram to learn more.

It’s OK by Young Company of North London Dance Centre

Photography by Jason Sunio

Choreographer: Megan Alfano
Performers: Lyla Hajar, Jenna Russell, Anna Archibald, Ainsley Morgan, Isabelle Chandler, Ari Burgess, Nicole Jamieson, Isabella Russell and MacKenzie Mercer
Music credits: Nightbirde

Megan started her dance training at the age of 4 and has been tapping, twirling, and teaching ever since! She holds her Canadian Dance Teacher’s Association Stage Division Full Member – Ontario Division (Jazz and Tap).

In Saskatchewan, she spent over 12 years as the Assistant to the Choreographer, Choreographer, and Assistant the Artistic Director of the touring Performance Company, Saskatchewan Express, gaining teaching expertise in jazz, tap, ballet, musical theatre, hip hop, and lyrical. She was also the Director of the Regina Musical Theatre Studio, running both the recreational and competitive dance and musical theatre programs. Megan was also the Director and choreographer for a youth performance company called the Exprites, the Mini Express and The Expressions.

She has been the choreographer for many high schools and arts organizations for shows with highlights including Honk!, Cinderella, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Titanic, How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, Carousel, Suessical, High School Musical, Oliver!, Candide, Grease!, Nine, Guys and Dolls, Cats, The Shipbuilder, Pride and Prejudice, Into the Woods and Sweeney Todd. Most recently Megan has had the opportunity to work as a choreographer at The Grand Theatre here in London (Legally Blonde, Ring of Fire, Addams Family) as well as choreograph for Original Kids Theatre Company.

She is a well-respected dance festival adjudicator and in 2012 had the opportunity to choreograph for the CBC’s Canadian Country Music Awards. Currently, Megan is on faculty at Fanshawe College teaching the movement program, as well as a choreographer and dance instructor at St. Mary’s Choir and Orchestra School.

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