Sincere thanks to:

Rob Allen, Dr. Imran Atta, Gary Begner, Theresa Cassidy, Andrew Clark, Dance Ontario, Danielle Costello, Cole Findlay, Mike Froome, Catherine Fulop, Sandy Hunt, Deb Kapp, Bonny Kilgour, Sharon B. Moore, Lionel Morise, Rebekah Morrison-Wize, Julie Mytka, Vidya Natarajan, Jennifer Pearce, Ben Rudland, Nina Sampson, Rafet Sayegh, Dr. Sidney Siu, Mark Spowart, Elaine Swan, Caleb Varty, Doug Varty, Colleen Watson, Johnny Waud, Food Basics, Real Canadian Superstore, Metro, Sobeys, Loblaws, and all the performers, volunteers and community participants.