The London Dance Festival is truly a community effort, and we rely on the support of businesses and individuals from across London each year to bring you exciting events and brilliant artists. We want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the 2018 festival:

Our Audiences and Participants: thank you for sharing dance with us!

Our Funders: London Arts Council, City of London, Ontario Arts Council, Dance Ontario

Our Sponsors & Donors: M&T Printing Group, London Fringe, Eldon House, Renaissance Monkey Design, 3M Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart (Huron & Highbury), Sound in Motion, Rob Allen, Dr. Imran Atta, Mark Spowart Photography, PA Shop, Ben Rudland, Doug Varty, Jennifer Hiltz, Shirt for Brains Custom T-shirts, North London Sobeys, Loblaw Great Food Fanshawe, Real Canadian Superstore (Oxford & Gammage), Food Basics (Oxford & Highbury), Metro (Cheapside & Adelaide), Metro (Cherryhill Mall), Starbucks (Highbury & Cheapside)

Our Artists: Katharine McCormack, Samantha Sendas, Kaitlin Jack, Abbey Richens, Tanveer Alam, Eshani Sathe, Breath in Mvmt, Griffyn Crespeigne, Aly McKone, Tori Kuhn, Young Company of North London Dance Centre, Julie Mytka, Melisa Boose, Alyssa Stevenson, Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company, Adriana Zamora, Sound in Motion, Rising Moon Belly Dance, Adrianna Rodrigues, Sophia Hugh-Givlin, Anahata Acro, Sharon B. Moore, and all the performers in each number and dance mob participants.

Our Staff & Board Members: Alissa Cassidy, Mariana Calles, Andrew Clark, Andy Bragg, Kristen Clancy, Vidya Natarajan, Julie Mytka, Jenn Pearce

Our Volunteers: Cole Findlay, Johnny Waud, Nina Sampson, Colleen Watson, Sandy Hunt, Doug Varty, Caleb Varty, Jillian Welsh, Catie Fulop, Elaine Swan, Bonny Kilgour, Dr. Sidney Siu, Trevor Egles, Kodi Smith, Destiny Williams, June Smith-Jeffries, Rob Knox, Beckie Teal, Anavi Avoknilej, Lissette Verbeem, John Sutherland, Jay Singh Chundawat, Samuel Ayoko, Laura Sepulveda, Jessica Alexanderson, Raj Shah, Mackenzie Ross, Eric Myungbong, Sagardeep Singh Saini, Bhavesh Kumar Koundal


Thank you for your support, we could not have done it without you!