July 2: Workshops & Performances

This event had been RESCHEDULED for July 15, 5-7pm
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Nicolas Noguera’s “Starfish” | Photo by Jason Sunio | Dancers: Vivian Noguera, Connor MacPhail, Larkin Schering

July 2, 2023
4-8pm, Ivey Park, 331 Thames St

FREE! but donations are gratefully accepted

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4-5pm Featuring: Dance Mob WORKSHOP & Performance, Young Company of NLDC, Flamenco del Sur & Los Aires 

5-6pm Featuring: The Ukwehuwe Connection: Smoke Dance WORKSHOP & Hoop Performance, All 4 One Dance Co, Young Company of NLDC, Forest City Hawaiian Dance Co.

6-7pm Featuring: Shivani Joshi, Meghan Byloo + Gwen Logan + Jenna Hills, Young Company of NLDC, Aiyana Ruel, All 4 One Dance Co, Abbey Richens, Larkin Schering, South Dance

7-8pm Rising Moon Bellydance, Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Co, South Dance, BRDRless Dance Bollywood WORKSHOP

PLUS: Live Music by Los Aires Flamenco Ensemble and Light of the East Ensemble, Chalk Art Dance Map, Zen’Za Pizza, Raffle Prizes

Forest City Dance Mob Workshop and Performance

Choreographers: Cynthia Aguiar and Thalyta Medeiros

Music Credits: Forest City Song by Latin Roots of London

Learn a new style in one of our workshops, or learn the Dance Mob moves and join us onstage. This year’s dance is set to the perfectly named “Forest City Song” by the Latin Roots of London Band.

All events are FREE (but donations are gratefully accepted!) Learn more at www.londondancefestival.ca.

‘Jump Jive ‘an Wail’ by South SS

Choreographer: Allison Gamble Performers: Grade 10 Dancers from South Collegiate Institute

Allison Gamble has been the Head of Performing Arts at South Collegiate Insitute for 25yrs. She is the Artistic Director of the South Dance Company and Co-Founder of the Action Pak D’action. Allison was the 2022 TVDSB Award of Distinction winner as well as PHE Canada’s 2022 winner for Teaching Excellence. She is a fierce advocate for Arts Education at all levels and inspires her student’s passion for dance.

Music Credits: Jump Jive & Wail by Brian Setzer Orchestra

‘Rumba Flamenca & Sevillanas’ by Flamenco del Sur

Flamenco del Sur, Photo by Jason Sunio

Choreographer: Patricia Vasconcellos

At 17 years old, Patricia Vasconcellos started to study Spanish Dance. Six years later, she joined Al Andaluz Flamenco Dance companyin Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2009, Patricia moved to Brasilia, Federal District, and continued her studies with the Flamenco dancer, Mrs. Patricia Weingrill at Studio de Danca Capricho Espanhol. In 2010, she started studying tap flamenco technique, castanets, and Bata de Cola with choreographer and dancer Mr. Danny Souza. She joined the Claude Debussy Centre of Dance and Arts where performed and studied Flamenco Culture for 6 years becoming Flamenco teacher and choreographer. In 2017, Patricia moved to London, Ontario, Canada, and in 2019, she opened the FLAMENCO DEL SUR DANCE STUDIO and started to bring the Flamenco culture and flamenco style (Flamenco instruments, items, and tap) to London. She has performed at the London Dance Festival and many other events around London such as Heart Links, London Public Library, Western University, and many more. In 2020, promoted the Los Aurora’s Concert and Flamenco workshop. From 2021 until now, she has been performing and teaching live/virtual Flamenco Rhythms to musicians, dancers, and Flamenco lovers.

Learn more about Flamenco Del Sur at www.flamencodelsur.ca

Smoke Dance Workshop & Hoop Dance Performance by The Ukwehuwe Connection

Winter Dockstader and Frazer Sundown of The Ukwehuwe Connection, Photo by Jason Sunio

Choreographer: Jasmine Phillips Performers: Jasmine Phillips and Ty Smoke

A dance troupe that engages in both Pow Wow and Longhouse styles of song and dance. We have traveled all over Turtle Island to share our culture with the Indigenous People of this land.

Workshop/Performance Description: Smoke Dance – originates from the Haudenosaunee People and is in the longhouse style. The Smoke Dance steps are meant for everyone of all nations as it has been integrated into the Pow Wow Circle. Jasmine Phillips and Ty Smome will showcase their style of Smoke Dance and share a few dance steps with you. Hoop Dance – originates from when the Pow Wows first began. A story is told throughout the Hope Dance which honours all of creation. Look out for the shapes and characters in all of creation that will be shown with the hoops.

Music Credits: Ty’s Smoke by Frazer Sundown

’99 Red Balloons’, ‘Business of Love’ and ‘Time After Time’ by All 4 One Dance Company

Choreographers: Olivia Johnston and Sarah Bragg Performers: Catherine Han, Fayer Zhang, Caprice Pacheco and Nicole Wajnas

Olivia began dancing at age 6 and quickly found a passion for all styles of dance, but especially excelled in acro, contortion, tumbling and aerial arts. Olivia was a competitive dancer for many years and was often recognized for her flexibility and lovely lines. She has trained in both the B.A.T.D. and Acrobatic Arts syllabi and is completing her modules 1 and 2 teacher’s qualifications this summer. Olivia has taught both recreational and competitive students in Clinton, Wingham and Goderich. Whether in weekly dance class or when polishing a routine, Olivia strives to bring out the best in each student.

Performance Description: Olivia’s piece is an Acro Dance Duet and Sarah’s is a Lyrical Trio choreographed to perform at amateur competitions across Southwestern Ontario. The theme is of memories and renewed friendship.

Music Credits: Sleeping at Last and Time After Time by Eva Cassidy.

‘In this Shirt’ by Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company

Photo by Dr. Sidney Siu

Choreographer: Jennifer Hiltz Performers: Alyvia Atchison, Lauren Burridge, Evan Doerr, Emily Hillis, Isabelle Hiltz, Brynne Howey, Gia Kaldis, Adalyn McCracken, Isabelle Parent, Gillian Perkins, Myah Romain, Marlowe Stafford, Victoria Trampleasure and Alexa Wagner.

Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company is a non-competitive London based dance studio that provides amateur to pre-professional instruction to dancers of all ages. This is Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company’s 4th years performing at the London Dance Festival and we are thrilled to be back again this year.

Performance Description: This piece takes a look at the the path one takes on their journey to self acceptance. The Belle Pointe Dancers in collaboration with Jennifer Hiltz, owner and artistic Director of Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company, explore how the relationship you have with yourself impacts all the other relationships in your life. We shine a light on the beauty and freedom of self acceptance and the power of self-love.

Music Credits: The Irreprresibles- Mirror Mirror

‘Authentic Hawaiian and Tahitian’ by Forest City Hawaiian Dance Co.

Choreographer: Alison Gauthier Performer: Alison Gauthier

Based in London, Ontario, Alison Gauthier (aka Kaiolohia’inanamoani) is a performance artist who specializes in Hawaiian entertainment and is the owner of “Forest City Hawaiian Dance Co.”. She has over 25 years of dance training and family entertainment experience, has performed for over 500 events, and was recently the most in demand Hawaiian act while living in Calgary.

Performance Description: There are two main types of hula dancing: hula kahiko and hula ‘auana. Hula kahiko is the more traditional style of hula, said to date back to the time when the Hawaiian gods and goddesses still walked the earth. Hula kahiko dancers often wear traditional Hawaiian clothing and use ancient implements such as shark’s teeth necklaces and coconut shell anklets. The hula kahiko dance, largely based on martial arts moves, is performed to drums and oral chants and tells stories of Hawaiian history and mythology. In contrast, hula ‘auana, which can be either fast-paced or slow and graceful, is a more modern, westernized style of hula. This type of hula is usually performed to music with guitars and ukuleles.

Music Credits: Lili’u E by Pekelo Day, Ka Beauty Hanohano O Waikolu by Kuana Torres Kahele, I Ali’i No Oe by Aloha Pumehana Sernaders, Tahaito by Lanakila’s Polynesians, Ke Aloha by Natalie Ai Kamauu.

‘Tangled Threads’ by Shivani Joshi

Choreographer and Performer: Shivani Joshi

Shivani Joshi has been trained as a Bharatnatyam dancer for over 20 years. She completed her Arangetram with Avni Vyas at Shivanjali Dance Academy and graduated with a Master’s in Performance Studies from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 2021. Her dissertation focused on communities of women creating cultural spaces, colonialism in India, and how it affected Bharatnatyam as a whole. Shivani advocates for the importance of folk arts, such as Garba, and teaches various folk dances and prop work that is prominent in Indian culture. Currently, she works as an arts educator and guest speaker, offering workshops about Indian heritage, women’s spaces, dance, and diversity with DNC and The Travelling Stage. Shivani is also a board of directors member of Pratibha Arts. She maintains an active artist practice with Shivanjali Dance, ICA Dance, and other performance companies. During her residency at the National Ballet, Shivani will focus on key themes in her dance pieces: finding new ways to use Bharatnatyam to tell modern stories, and playing with metaphor in physical form.

Performance Description: Tangled Threads is about moving through life noticing how many times we are at odds with ourselves. We grow up learning how to perform what it means to be Canadian, and Indian, and sometimes those performative behaviours clash. How does the self stretch to accommodate for others? What ruptures exist inside of us? Perhaps our identity is and always will be fragments, stitched together unevenly, but still whole. In this piece, I imagine what it might be like to confront all those tiny moments that shaped my identity and see how those little dissonances unravel. I try to exist somewhere in between art and craft, performance and dance. I play with the fragments within myself, creating a dialogue between those varying and overlapping influences.

Music Credits: Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand in Mine – Mark T. Smith, Munaf Rayani, Munaf Rayani, Michael James, Chris Hrasky, Christopher Hrasky, Michael James, Chris Hrasky, Mark Smith.

‘Fare Ya Well’ by Meghan Byloo, Jenna Hills and Gwen Logan

Choreographers and Performers: Meghan Byloo, Jenna Hills and Gwen Logan

Meghan Byloo, Jenna Hills, and Gwen Logan are performers from London, Ontario that met while training at Sound in Motion studio. They have experience in many styles including lyrical, jazz, contemporary, and have completed multiple Royal Academy of Dance ballet exams. After graduating high school, all 3 have returned to their home studio to teach for varying periods. Each performer has gone on to choreograph and perform in various festivals, programs, and shows as University students. Byloo continues to work at Sound in Motion, while Hills is currently teaching at All That Dance studio in North York. Logan has been recently elected as an executive member of the Dalhousie University Dance Society. This trio last performed together at the 2019 London Dance Festival, and they are excited to return!

Performance Description: This piece plays with both humour and heartbreak, and the process that follows the end of a relationship. It explores the intersection between saying goodbye and good riddance.

Music Credits: Smokestack Lightnin’ by Howlin’ Wolf.

Ruby Shoes, Let’s Go and Divine Feminine by Young Company of North London Dance Centre

Photo by Jason Sunio

Choreographers: Breanna Willis, Kelly Hajar and Kaitlin Torrance Performers: Nicole Jamieson, Isabelle Chandler,Ainsley Morgan, Anna Archibald, Jenna Russell and Mia Riccardi.

Music Credits: Let’s Dance (remix) by David Bowie, Let’s Go by Medeski Martin and Wood & Nana by Serena Assumpcao and Paula Pretta.

‘The Space InBetween’ by Aiyana Ruel

Choreographer and Performer: Aiyana Ruel

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Aiyana Ruel (she/her) began her professional training at Arts Umbrella. She moved to Toronto to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University, with a focus on choreography and performance. Under the direction of Susan Lee, Aiyana was a member of the York Dance Ensemble, where she worked collaboratively with colleagues and choreographers. Through various opportunities in Canada and abroad, Aiyana has worked with internationally recognized artists including Peggy Baker, Ohad Naharin, and Lali Ayguadé. During her post-secondary education, she had the opportunity to go on academic exchange at the University of Chichester in the UK, during which she was exposed to new and exciting methods of movement. In September 2021, she moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to join Free Flow Dance Theatre as a performing artist, where she had the opportunity to work with Terrill Maguire, Newton Moraes, Danny Grossman, and Eddie Kastrau, under Jackie Latendresse’s Artistic Direction. Aiyana is primarily a contemporary dance artist, and enjoys practicing modern and ballet, as well as Gaga and improvisational techniques. Aiyana’s career continues to take her to unexpected and inspiring places, influencing her artistic practice.

Performance Description: This is a solo piece, whose creation was funded by Dance Saskatchewan Inc. The Space InBetween is about the feelings and mental turmoil that arise when you’re caught between two things- physical spaces, people, relationships. This work explores sensations including rooting and uprooting, comfort, “home,” and distanced relationships. The relevancy of this work has been inspired in part by the shifts many people experienced at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, where careers, homes, and families were altered, relocated, or ended, for better or for worse. In live performances, I use the surrounding architecture to influence the movement. For example, one of the performances took place in an alleyway, where I danced on pipes and metal framing. This piece is ever-developing, as I continue to experience these shifts in my own life. The soundtrack for Space InBetween was created by Ontario musical artist Nicholas Wawrow. We worked together to find the right mood for the piece, and he composed, recorded and edited the music. I also work with a theatre artist Bruce Sinclair, who has provided dramaturgical advice and served as an outside eye. This piece exists as both a physical performance and as a film, which was recorded at 3 different locations across Canada.

Music Credits: ‘Pink Clouds’ and other by Nicholas Wawrow

Re (collect) by Abbey Richens

Choreographer: Abbey Richens Performers: Abbey Richens, Sophia Hassenstein & Jianna Neufeld

Abbey Richens, hailing from London Ontario, is an emerging dance artist and community arts facilitator. Recently graduated from York University, Abbey has had the opportunity to perform in Stephanie Lake’s Colossus and York Dance Ensemble. She is concentrating on work with her artist collective Meaningful Movement, creating interdisciplinary art and community spaces for emerging artists.

Performance Description: (Re) collect examines what it means to collect ones’ self after having lost pieces. In movement there are winters, springs, falls, and summers – where artists fall in and out of love with their craft. This work examines how to follow the path of our passion and find our way back (over and over.)

Music Credits: World Princess by Grimes, Uhhh-Framed (Slowed + Pitched) by R0tting c0prse, ethereal mix 023 by ethereal grooves.

‘Stone Cold’ by Larkin Schering

Choreographer: Larkin Schering Performers: Larkin Schering and Ella Gerber

The dance was made at Dance Steps Studio, and rehearsal space was
graciously donated to rework the piece for the London Dance Fest.

Larkin is an emerging interdisciplinary artist working in the Visual and Movement Arts. Their education at H.B. Beal S.S. has allowed them to work in a wide range of traditional disciplines, including painting, sculpting, ceramics, drawing, photography, and filmmaking. They have also had the opportunity the choreograph several dance works that were shown in the Beal Dance show. They also co-directed, filmed and edited a dance video that was used to promote the Beal Dance program. As a dancer, Larkin has been performing on stage for over 10 years and has had training in classical ballet, tap, breakdancing, and contemporary. Recent dance performances include working with London Arts Live to do contemporary improv on Dundas St, doing battle showcases around the community with 519 School of Hip Hop and performing in the Arts 4 All Kids charity show.

Performance Description: Stone Cold explores and depicts an emotionally abusive relationship. It’s a duet with influences of contemporary and modern dance styles as well as pedestrian movement. Much of the choreography focuses on establishing the connection between the dancers and using their expressions to tell the story.

Music Credits: Stone Cold by Demi Lovato

Performance by Rising Moon Bellydance

Photo by Jason Sunio

Choreographer and Performer: Luna

Bellydancing, currently known as Raks Sharki is an ancient dance form that originated in the Middle East. It is characterized by smooth undulations as well as dynamic hip shimmies. Luna (founder of Rising Moon Bellydance) will perform two traditional style pieces accompanied by the musicians of Light of East Ensemble. She started her dance journey 20 years ago and has been an instructor since 2013.

‘Before You Go’ by South Collegiate Institute

Choreographer: Allison Gamble Performers: Grade 10 Dancers from South Collegiate Institute

Allison Gamble has been the Head of Performing Arts at South Collegiate Insitute for 25yrs. She is the Artistic Director of the South Dance Company and Co-Founder of the Action Pak D’action. Allison was the 2022 TVDSB Award of Distinction winner as well at PHE Canada’s 2022 winner for Teaching Excellence. She is a fierce advocate for Arts Education at all levels and inspires her student’s passion for dance.

Music Credits: Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi

Bollywood Workshop by BRDRless

Choreographers and Performers: Jhosep Nagee, Kristin Schaaf, Jorge Pablos & America Pablos

BRDRLESS Dance is the first AND ONLY multicultural dance studio in London, Ontario. BRDRLESS Dance is the first AND ONLY multicultural dance studio in London, Ontario. We provide dance classes, workshops, and performances of dance styles from numerous places around the world. Some styles include Bollywood, Bhangra, Salsa, Bachata, KPOP, Afrobeats, Chinese Folk, and many more!

Performance Description: Our Bollywood workshops are our most popular, as they are energetic and engaging for dancers of all levels. We do a warm-up to get everyone excited; we teach a fun piece of choreography that has signature Bollywood moves. While we teach, we will also share facts about the dance style.

Music Credits: DJ Jeeva