YBAC 2022

The Centre of Movement Arts is seeking BIPOC dance artists ages 16-25 to join a new mentorship and creation initiative called the 2022 Young BIPOC Artists Collective. This program is offered in partnership with London’s La Compagnie de Danse, who will be engaging in their own creation process residency in July. They will share their process and venues with the Collective participants, who will be led by two members of the company, Alicia Raphael and Kevin Clements.

In this program, young artists will work together with artists from La Compagnie de Danse to develop their own creative training intensive and design a performance event. Participants will gain creative and arts management skills to support their dance careers, and develop teamwork and entrepreneurial skills for the future of our dance community, while the CMA will gain new connections to and a better understanding of young BIPOC artists.

Deadline EXTENDED to May 8, 2022! https://forms.gle/Umemf81YS6kEy5Y56

We understand that application forms can be intimidating and we encourage you to ask for help in completing your application. If you have any questions or more help is needed, please reach out to the CMA team at centreofmovementarts@gmail.com.

Anyone from the London region, aged 16-25, who identifies as a BIPOC dance artist is welcome to apply. This program is aimed at participants who have been dancing for at least a few years, but there are no formal requirements for experience or training. All styles of dance are welcome, as are dancers without formal training. 

We are especially interested in offering this opportunity to young artists who would not otherwise get to participate in something like it, because of caregiving obligations, transportation access, financial need, or other barriers. We will be providing an honorarium to participants to help offset the cost of any time off work. If there are other accommodations needed to support your participation, please tell us in your application.

The program will accept up to 8 young artists for the 2022 Collective. Applications are due by May 1, 2022. Fill out the form here.

PLEASE NOTE: We are waiting on funding results, so the exact details and hours for the program are yet-to-be confirmed. We expect to receive results and confirm the details by May 15th, 2022. If you know that you will not be available on some of the proposed dates, please let us know below and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Dates and Time Commitment (estimated):

  • Phase One: Orientation & Planning (2-4 hours)
    • will take place in May or June
  • Phase Two: Training, Creation & Performance (8-16 hours)
    • throughout the week of July 11-18

YBAC participants will:

  • Meet and talk with artists from La Compagnie de Danse
  • Observe LCD’s creative process in remounting and revising a dance performance
  • Get help with headshots, resume and biography writing
  • Be encouraged and assisted to apply to the 2022 LDF with their own choreography
  • Collaboratively and individually design a creative training and mentorship intensive
  • Participate in the creative training and mentorship program they designed
  • Collaboratively plan and present a dance performance
  • Collaboratively or individually create new choreography for the dance performance, with mentorship from LCD members
  • Be paid an honorarium for their participation in the Collective

Apply Now! https://forms.gle/Umemf81YS6kEy5Y56

2022 YBAC Team Biographies 

Photo by Jason Sunio

Alicia Raphael La Compagnie de Danse
Co-Artistic Director and Team Leader

Alicia Raphael is a choreographer and dancer at O.N.E Dance Centre. She is trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Acro. Alicia is also a certified teacher with a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership. As a member of La Compagnie de Danse under director Cynthia Aguiar, she has had the opportunity to participate in various community-based and local performances. Alicia has a deep passion for dance and hopes that she can continue to share it with others, not only at the studio but also reaching the youth in the community, ultimately empowering them to develop their artistic talents and pursue their goals. 

Photo by Henry Mak

Kevin Clements La Compagnie de Danse
Co-Artistic Director and Team Leader

Kevin Clements is an emerging artist based in London, Ontario. He is a member of La Compagnie de Danse and a teacher and performer with O.N.E Dance Centre. Kevin is a powerful performer and storyteller through his theatrical, conversational dances. His work is inspired by a blend of different dance styles that come from many different cultures and allow him to connect with a very diverse group of people. Every movement has its own story and invites audiences of all different ethnicities.

Cynthia Aguiar (formerly Nakeyar), Artistic Director of La Compagnie de Danse
Co-Artistic Director of YBAC 2022

Cynthia is the artistic director of La Compagnie de Danse, creative director of O.N.E. Dance Centre and a dance educator (B.Ed).  She has choreographed and presented work for London Dance Festival, London Arts Council, London Fringe Festival, and most recently choreographed and performed in the music video “As a Crew.”  Her love for dance has continued to expand through her love of the creative process, collaborations and performance opportunities. 

Bizz Varty Centre of Movement Arts
Project Manager of YBAC 2022

Elizabeth “Bizz” Varty is a dance artist, educator and administrator based in London, Ontario. In 2017 she founded the Centre of Movement Arts, a non-profit dedicated to supporting dance and movement in the forest city. The CMA presents the annual London Dance Festival as well as year-round programming for artists and everyday people. Learn more about Bizz and the CMA.