June 28: Awaken Summer

Friday June 28 – 7 p.m.
Emerging Choreographer Showcase
Eldon House, 481 Ridout St North

Tickets $15 before or $20 at door
Purchase at www.Onstagedirect.com/londondancefestival
Featuring: Abbey Richens, Daley Dance Company, Gwen Logan, Hannah Granite, SnD Productions, and more! Spotlight Performances by: Breath in Mvmt. (London) and Mary Jo Mullins (Windsor)

An exciting evening of dance works by emerging artists and special guests from London and beyond. This performance will take place on the beautiful lawns of Eldon House, and is our way of nurturing young choreographers. Bring your own picnic blanket or lawn chair. 

Spotlight Performance: Vintage Suite by Mary Jo Mullins (Windsor)

Mary Jo Mullins – Vintage Duet – Dancers Julia Garlisi & Nicole Rose Bond – Photo by Mary Jo Mullins

Another one of my favourite works, Vintage II: Moving is rich with history. Both in terms of it’s creative process and the personal history explored within it. It was actually inspired by an earlier work of mine, Vintage Red, which was created in 2006 and launched the formation of Niagara Dance Company. Vintage II: Moving was commissioned by the St. Catharines Chamber Music Society and originally premiered as a site specific solo work performed at the Niagara Artist Centre in St. Catharines in 2011. It was later developed into a full length 35 minute ensemble piece in 2012. It has since been performed in whole and in part and has sparked improvisational performances including Vintage White, performed at 13th St. Winery in St. Catharines and now a micro formal version entitled Vintage Suite, a suite of 3 duets.

“Moving through, from…moving to and within. Be moved and draw to you all that you desire.” Learn more about Mary Jo Mullins.

Spotlight Performance: Untether by Breath in Mvmt. (London)

2018 “Splintered” by Breath in Mvmt. Photo by Mark Spowart

Our dance artists will tether to life’s habitual limitations, finding themselves bound and confined by their own fears; this will be followed by authentic movement, where the artists will free their restricted souls and connect with their innermost being. Witnesses will be inspired to do the same.
Breath in Mvmt. is more than happy to collaborate on this work (or other proposed work with other dancers from the community!)

Melisa Boose’s work has been described as breathtaking, powerful and delivers much for the senses to absorb. Students and professionals from various disciplinary backgrounds and studios audition or are invited to take part in her work. Assistant Director at Sound in Motion and founder of Breath in Mvmt., Melisa has been a choreographer and instructor for seventeen years and is grateful to continue to learn alongside her students. Melisa’s work is crafted collectively around the narratives of the dancers’ lives, giving her pieces an authentic foundation. Award winning and known for creations that challenge the imagination while evoking visceral reactions, Melisa is proud to train dancers in movement and views dance as a way to build community.

Breath in Mvmt. has presented six productions in the London Fringe Festival, with a seventh on its way! They have travelled to the Edmonton Fringe Festival and the Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival to perform (and are headed back to the east coast this July). Melisa is proudly the Assistant Director at Sound in Motion Studio, where she co-creates and produces three annual productions for the Company Dance Program. Learn more about Breath in Mvmt.

Saturday Sun by Hannah Granite

Hannah Granite Photo by Silent Poetry

This piece explores the joyousness of being alive and having people to count on. You would give up everything for the ones you love no matter the cost. It is about living your life to the fullest and knowing “no sun ray is every lost”. The dance is light and whole hearted emerging you into the vibe summer gives off. It is like relaxing outside and letting the suns rays beam down on you.

Hannah Granite is a dancer at Sound in Motion Music and Dance studio and is ending her ninth year of dance. She has experience at dance competitions and company shows put on by Sound in Motion. In the London community she has performed in LDF shows and was a part of the London Lightning Junior dance pack. Hannah is grateful that she is able to dance and be supported by many amazing dancers. She expresses herself through dance and when Hannah dances she feels like nothing else matters. This is her first time choreographing a full piece and is excited to share it. Learn more about Hannah.

Gathering by Serwaa Daley and Daley Dance Company

Daley Dance Company – Dancer Serwaa Daley – Photographer Justin Lee

An assembly or meeting, especially a social or festive one or one held for a specific purpose

Serwaa Daley is an emerging dancer and choreographer. She graduated with her Honors BFA in Dance, specializing in Performance and Choreography from York University. After receiving her degree, Serwaa travelled to New York City to train with international choreographer Jennifer Archibald at ArchCore40. Serwaa has danced for Jasmyn Fyffe in the New Blue Emerging Dance Festival, performed in the Toronto Fringe, Nuit Blanche with Expect Theatre’s Emerging Inter-Arts Ensemble, and performed repertoire from Peggy Baker Dance Projects as part of Dance: made in Canada/fait au Canada. Serwaa is a member of The Parahumans Dance Theatre where she experiments with improvised performance. Serwaa intends to pursue a career both in performing and choreographing. She recently created Daley Dance Company and plans to travel to become familiar with dance communities in New York City, Montreal, and abroad. Learn more about Serwaa

August by Gwen Logan

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Gwen Logan – Photo by Ireland Egan

This piece explores the connections of the flora and fauna on earth, and the bonds that exist between each organism in an ecosystem. It also explores the connections that individuals experience with those in their community. The awakening of summer is the beginning of a time where both connections can grow to their full potential. And where the energy between those who share the connections is impalpable.

Gwen Logan is a grade 11 student at H.B. Beal Secondary School, training primarily at Sound in Motion studio and in the Beal dance program. Her love of movement began after taking musical theatre lessons at the dance studio where she currently trains, and has grown exponentially since then. She has predominantly trained in modern, ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop styles, which are the main influences in her choreographic works. Gwen’s overall passion for the arts serves as her drive to create in order to be able to share with the rest of her community.

The Other Side by Abbey Richens

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Abbey Richens – Photo by Erick Rockburn

The Other Side is a tribute to the final summer of childhood. At a certain point we must cross a bridge between youth and adulthood. Embarking on a path towards the future, parting ways, and even saying goodbye to things may prove difficult. It is in this journey that we meet the most beautiful of things and let go of the grasp we’ve had on childhood. Reflecting on the pain and excitement that lies ahead, setting on a course to an unknown destination. All we can say to each other is in hope that we make it to the Other Side.

Abbey Richens is a graduating student from H.B. Beal Secondary and will be embarking as a dance student at York University this fall. Abbey believes in intentional movement that relies on authentic and emotionally driven dancing. Her community based attitude is seen through her work with the London dance festival over the last four years, teaching workshops at Pearson elementary school to her current dance instructor position at a local YMCA. Abbey hopes to inspire and learn from the community, presenting works that are meaningful to her own journey as an artist.

Ode to Sun by SnD Productions

SnD Productions – Dancers Sahana Madabhushi and Deeya Patel – Photo by Tara Dey 2

The dance describes the circle of life… All the lives getting created by sun and how the world is a circle of life.

Sahana Madabhushi and Deeya Patel have been learning and specializing in Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam for over 10+ years. They started SnD Productions to explore modern themes and social issues using Bharatanatyam technique and involving elements of various artistic mediums through graceful movements. They have won several dance competitions in the Tri-state area. They have given over 75 shows across United States and Canada including venues like United Nations, Battery Park, NY, Times Square, Nathan Phillips Square, Sesame Street and off Broadway theaters, Consulate General Of Philippines. Their dance was recognized in local TV and newspapers. One of their favorite parts of training is sharing their love of Bharatanatyam by teaching dance to younger and underprivileged students. Their interest in dance extends to other forms like Ballet, Lyrical and Bollywood dance. Learn more about SnD Productions.

Bloom by Abbey, Dharby, & Gwen

Dancers Abbey Richens, Jenna Hills, Gwen Logan Photo by Mark Spowart

Bloom expresses a connection to nature, specifically relating to the philosophy of panpsychism. “Pan” meaning “all” and “psychism” meaning “conscious.” It takes on the idea that all beings and things remain conscious to a certain degree, the flowers to the bugs. Everything on our planet needs to be cherished and cultivated. Enhancing our ideas of beauty and kindness.

Abbey Richens, Darby Harrison, and Gwen Logan, grade 12 and graduating high school students from H.B. Beal Secondary, aim to create authentic movement utilizing improvisational techniques. Together, the trio attempts to bring clarity to storytelling through dancing.