July 3: Family Dance Party

Movement Fair 2019 by Andrew Clark

Sunday, July 3 – ReImagine Space (206 Picadilly St.)
11am-1pm All ages Dance Party with Live DJ
FREE but donations are gratefully accepted!
Register at the bottom of this page or click here.

A dance party for the whole family, featuring DJ Zahra Habib.! Bring your kids and show them how to shake what you gave them. 

ReImagine Co. will be selling vegan pizzas, snacks and treats, and the grocery store will be open for browsing.

The London Dance Festival is supported by the London Arts Council through the City of London’s Community Arts Investment Program.

Zahra is an artist, organizer, writer, DJ, producer, and much more. She is the founder of The ISO Project, an innovative music video incubator that connects artists of colour to music video production experience and production. Her breadth of creative knowledge is rooted in music production and performance, radio broadcasting, events, community building and organizing, art direction, print and digital publishing, podcasting, and creative consulting. A creatrix by nature, she advocates for infusing the arts – especially music – into as many elements of daily life as possible, for as many individuals as possible.
For more info about Zahra’s work, check out her Instagram page or https://buff.ly/3OyYJgg