Centre of Movement Arts

The Centre of Movement Arts is a non-profit supporting dance in the forest city. Led by Executive Director Elizabeth Varty, the CMA creates opportunities for Londoners to deepen the experience of living through movement and dance. Year-round programming includes workshops, performances, community engagement activities, and networking opportunities for movers of all ages and experience levels. The CMA proudly presents the annual London Dance Festival each summer, connecting audiences and participants with talented dance artists from London and beyond.

Mission: To deepen the experience of living through dance and movement.


• Support dance artists and educators in SouthWestern Ontario with jobs and professional development activities.

• Connect and collaborate with artists, educators and community partners engaging in dance and movement arts.

• Present performance and educational opportunities to increase public engagement in movement while growing dance audiences.

• Promote public engagement in dance and movement.

Board of Directors:

Taisa Petruk

Kelly Hajar

Fiona Wilson-Hodge

Sandra Wilson