June 30: Dance Mob and Preview Performance

Friday, June 30- Dundas Place 7pm-9pm In partnership with the London Heritage Council Night Market FREE but donations are gratefully accepted!

Download the full programme here

7-7:30pm Brazilian Forro WORKSHOP with deFlow Dance’s Clarissa & Diogo (King & Talbot)
7:30-8pm Dance Mob WORKSHOP with Brandon Clarke (King & Talbot)

8:30-9pm LDF Preview performance (Dundas & Talbot)
Featuring: Forest City Dance Mob Performance, Syncopate Tap Co, BRDRless Dance, Lorena & Erika Pabon, and La Compagnie de Danse

Learn the Dance Mob moves from the choreographers, to be performed on July 2nd; then watch a festival preview performance featuring various dance groups.

Photo by Dr. Sidney Siu, 2022 Dance Mob workshop led by Zola Ncube

Brazilian Forro Dance Workshop by deFlow Dance

Choreographer: Clarrisa Moreira Performers: Clarrisa and Diogo

Clarissa, a Brazilian-born dancer, discovered her passion for movement from an early age. With a background in Ballet, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and traditional Brazilian Dance styles like Forró, Samba, and Funk, she brought her vibrant energy to Canada. Joining TenC Dance Co, she excelled in Bachata and Brazilian Zouk, training with renowned artists and performing at dance congresses nationwide. Clarissa also led the University of Waterloo Cuban Salsa Club, infusing her dance with her Brazilian heritage. From Salsa and Bachata to Forró, Samba, Zouk, and Funk, she shares her love for Latin rhythms with others.

Workshop Description: In this workshop, we will be teaching you the basics of a traditional Brazilian partner dance called Forró. Get ready to immerse yourself in the lively and vibrant rhythms of Forró, originating from northeastern Brazil. With its energetic footwork, close embrace, and celebration of the region’s rich cultural heritage, Forró offers a unique opportunity to connect with others and experience the joy of this captivating dance form.

‘Latin Power’ by Erika Pabon and Lorena Pabon

Choreographers: Erika Pabon and Lorena Pabon Performers: Erika Pabon and Lorena Pabon

Erika and Lorena are two Colombian sisters passionate about dancing and deeply connected with Latin rhythms. Back in Colombia they were part of the Salsabogo Dance Company getting learning about multiple dance styles and participating as semi-professional dancers attending national competitions performing in the Teams and Couple categories. Now they want to share a little bit of Colombian salsa style and Latin dance with all Londoners, showing them some of our culture and dance style.

Performance Description: In our performance, we want to show the energy, power and joy that Latin music injects in the human body. In our workshop we will share our knowledge creating a space for all people from different countries where they can enjoy music and movement, allowing Londoners to learn and explore their skills outside of their comfort zone.

Music Credits: Song 1: La bachata by Manuel Turizo, Song 2: Toro Mata by Celia Cruz y Johnny Pacheco

‘Fly As Me’ by Syncopate Tap Co.

Choreography: Tiffany Krifter and Sydnee Badeen Performers: Tiffany Kriter, Sydnee Badeen, Armaun Bartlett, Isla Finkenzeller, Alyssa Hess, Devon Jeffery, Olivia Manchester, Gabe Sclafani, Jessica Smith, Maddy Trottier and Hannah Webb

Tiffany Kriter (she/her) and Sydnee Badeen (she/her) have been dance teachers and choreographers in London, Ontario for the past eleven years. Both graduates from Western University, Tiffany with an Honors BA in Anthropology and Minor in Dance, and Sydnee with an Honors BA in Anthropology and French Studies. Tiffany’s choreography was showcased in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Faculty of Music’s Showcase of Student Choreography. In 2010, Sydnee was a member of the Canadian National Tap Team at the World Tap Championships in Riesa, Germany. Tiffany and Sydnee’s most recent accomplishments include studying and performing with the Toronto Rhythm Initiative, as well as internationally renowned Tap dancers Heather Cornell, Joseph Wiggan, and Dianne Walker. Since 2011, Tiffany has performed in eleven TRI shows and Sydnee has performed in two. From 2018-2020, Tiffany co-founded and produced four shows with London Tap Collective, in which Sydnee was also a member.

Performance Description: Syncopate Tap Co. is a pre-professional Tap dance company and youth training program based in London, Ontario. Established in 2022, Syncopate is for Tap dancers ages 10 and older who are interested in pursuing Tap dance training beyond their studio experience. We strive to instill a love and respect of Tap dance and its history in all of our students and hope to carry this forward into our community as well. We will be performing one original choreographic work “Fly As Me” featuring our youth company dancers, as well as two short historical pieces the “BS Chorus” and the “Shim Sham Shimmy”.

Music Credits: Fly As Me by Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic.

‘Solo Shines’ by BRDRless Dance

Choreographer & Performer: Jhosep Nagee Medina

Jhosep Nagee was born and raised in Venezuela, since he was a kid he always wanted to be a dancer because he felt like dancing was a beautiful way to express his feelings. At the age of 14, he decided to pursue his dream of being a dancer and to share with people the passion that he felt while dancing alone in his house. He spent 3 years taking Cuban style salsa classes at Academia Olu (a local studio from where he lived). Back in Venezuela, he did competitive dancing in social and choreographic style for about 5 years; he also competed in some of the most recognized competitions all around the country. Bringing back home awards earned with his peers and memories to share with others. He moved to Canada in 2019 and spent 2 years wishing to dance freely again (due to the pandemic). In 2021 he joined Brdrless Dance (@brdrless.dance) to share his passion with others and to help students to perfection the fundamentals of Latin rhythms (mostly salsa and bachata).

Performance Description: Cuban salsa solo shines includes diverse movements of feet and hands all played to a song that reassembles the Cuban culture.

Music Credits: Vengo de cuba by El niño y la verdad

FREE by La Compagnie de Danse

La Compagnie de Danse by Dr. Sidney Siu

A collaboration between La Compagnie, CYouMove and O.N.E. Dance Centre