June 30: Community Showcase

Community Showcase with Dance Mob Performance

Ivey Park at 6 pm. Admission is by donation
4-6pm All-Ages Workshops
6:00 pm Dance Mob & Community Showcase Performance

Learn new moves in fun workshops for all ages, then enjoy an outdoor performance by a selection of local artists plus a Spotlight performance by Sound in Motion dance company. Featuring Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company, En Avant Dance, Rising Moon Belly Dance, Young Company of North London Dance Centre, and more.

Movement Workshops (FREE) – Beginners Welcome!

June 30, 4:00 pm – Ivey Park: Beginner House Dance with Gadfly (pre-recorded)
June 30, 4:45 pm – Ivey Park: Learn the Dance Mob with Sam Sendas & Katharine McCormack
June 30, 5:30 pm – Ivey Park: Belly Dance Basics with Luna of Rising Moon

Spotlight Performance: Fuel to Fire by Sound in Motion

Photo by Mark Spowart

Choreographer: Julie Mytka
Company: Sound in Motion
Music: Fuel to Fire by Agnes Obel, Soundscape by various artists

“Fuel to Fire” looks at how we can be close to someone and still so far away; how we want to be loved until we are irritated by it; how when others see things our way we get along, when they don’t barriers are built and distance created.

As a graduate of Ryerson University’s Dance Performance Program (2001) and from the Royal Academy of Dance Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (2015), Julie has a wealth of understanding in the method and progression of teaching dance. Her experience in teaching is complemented with her time onstage as a performer. Some highlights from Julie’s performance career include touring internationally with renowned Canadian Magician Richard Forget (Canada, USA and China); dancing in the historic Diamond Tooth Gertie’s (Dawson City, Yukon); performing in musicals such as West Side Story (the inaugural High School Project at The Grand Theatre, London ON), Guys and Dolls and Sweet Charity (London Musical Theatre), multiple Fringe Festival engagements in Toronto and London, ON and Halifax, NS; improvisation theatre with Shadow Productions (Calgary, AB) and a dancer in London’s own Breath in Mvmt. Learn more about Sound in Motion at www.soundinmotionstudio.com

Belly Dance performance
Photo by Andrew Clark

Choreographer: Luna
Dancers: Rising Moon Troupe
Company: Rising Moon Belly Dance
Music: Dumum Wa Takat (Drum Solo) by Karim Nagi, Bounce (Tribal Fusion Style) by Solace, and Esma Yalli (Shaabi Style) by Hakim

A variety of bellydance styles by a group of bellydancers.

Growing up in Colombia, South America, Luna (Founder of Rising Moon Bellydance) started taking classes 15 years ago and developed a passion for this beautiful form of dance. Her troupe is formed by a variety of women that share their love for this art and are committed to showing audiences its dynamic and earthy nature. Learn more about bellydance at www.risingmoonbellydance.com

There Will Be Time

Choreographer: Amanda Soha
Dancers: Emma O’Leary-Pippo, Emma Webb, Leah Webb, Copper Sinai, and Mikiah Lawson
Company: Belle Pointe Dance
Music: There Will Be Time by Mumford & Sons with Baaba Maal

“There Will Be Time,” was largely inspired by Alvin Ailey’s popular dance piece Revelations. It features a mixture of African-inspired movement and modern and contemporary dance styles. The dance aims to reflect some similar themes as Revelations in that it is “sometimes sorrowful, sometimes jubilant, but always hopeful” (Alvin Ailey). Inspiration and vision aside, all the solo work prevalent throughout the dance was choreographed by the students for each other as they work to explore movement and creativity.

Amanda Soha began dancing at the age of 4 and studied ballet, tap. jazz, hip hop, modern, lyrical and contemporary in Toronto, ON. At the age of 8 she began competing, and her love for dance led her to attend Earl Haig Secondary School’s Claude Watson Dance Program working with choreographers William Yong, Gino Berti, and Sean Byfield among others. In addition to teaching at Belle Pointe Dance & Movement company Amanda has also taught Advanced Contemporary at Western University. Learn more at www.bellepointedance.ca

Slow Me Down
Photo by Mark Spowart

Choreographer: Megan Alfaro
Dancers: Julia Barrett, Alexia Doris, Stefani Doris, Bronwyn Duffy, Regan Martin, Jamie Martins, MacKenzie Mercer, Emalee Murphy, Shannon Palmer, Kaitlyn Rowe, and  Isabella Russell.
Company: North London Dance Centre
Music: Slow Me Down by Emmy Rossum

Facebook alone has on average more than 2 billion monthly users. In 2016, it was reported that people spent an average of 50 minutes a day between Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Being connected to our devices on social media has the ability to make us anti-social. Shut down, recharge, reconnect….slow down.

Under the Director of Kelly Hajar, The Young Company of North London Dance Centre, now in its 4th season, is establishing itself as an organization which provides an innovative environment where talented, young concert dancers can further expand their technical dance training with performance-oriented training and experience given by some of the most respected teachers and choreographers in our community and beyond.  The Young Company aims to provide essential performance training and experience that strengthens our individual dancer’s talents, while enhancing their understanding of the performance process and its demands. Learn more about NLDC at www.northlondondancecentre.ca

Photo by Mark Spowart

Choreographer: Tracy Mitchell
Dancers: Payton Hermann, Emma Piexoto
Company: En Avant Dance
Music: Imagine by John Lennon

John Lennon’s classic “Imagine” provides the background for a short piece based on the themes of togetherness, interdependence, and hope for the future.

En Avant Dance is a pre-professional, non-competitive studio in London, ON offering quality instruction in ballet, jazz, tap, modern and other styles.

Without A Doubt 
Photo by Franco Lelapi

Choreographer & dancer: Adriana Zamora
Music: New Heroes by TEN

This piece portrays is how one is often afraid to show who they are or what they’re capable of, mainly because they’re afraid of judgement and/or disappointments (believing that their efforts won’t be enough) but as time goes on, they learn to stop caring about the negative opinions of others and instead start focusing on improving their ways. They stop hiding and start working hard to get to where they wish. They become proud of themselves.

Adriana is 15 years old and has been dancing for almost 3 years now. She is a self-taught dancer who practices daily to improve her dance technique and skills.She has participated in various events at my school where she performs as a dancer, both as part of the Dance Company at Regina Mundi College and by herself. She does mainly covers of dances but likes to choreograph as well. She has taken part in her school’s dance course for 2 years now and will continue through her high school career.

The Mo Stomp & Calypso Mexico by Beacock Line Dancers

Music: Alan Jackson and Bouke

The Mo Stomp was inspired by honourary member and London Councillor Mo Salih. The audience is invited to jump up and join in for Calypso Mexico, a happy fun number anyone can do.

Serenade & Dance

Choreographers & dancers: Julie Mytka and Melisa Boose
Violin player: Alyssa Stevenson
Music: Serenade & Dance for Solo Violin by Srul Irving Glick

“Serenade and Dance For Solo Violin” is a composition by Canadian Composer Srul Irving Glick. It was commissioned by Canadian Violin icon Jacques Israelievitch (1948-2015, former concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra) for his wedding anniversary.

2018 DANCE MOB: I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Choreographers: Katharine McCormack & Samantha Sendas
Music: I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Bebe Rexha