Spring Showcase 2018

Centre of Movement Arts & London Dance Festival present

Spring Showcase 2018
Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 7pm
Location: Wolf Performance Hall, 251 Dundas St, London, ON

Join us in celebrating the diverse talents of London’s dance community! Showcasing unique dance works by London artists of all ages in a variety of styles.

Advance Tickets: $18 adults, $15 children. Purchase tickets at www.onstagedirect.com/londondancefestival or from one of our performers. Tickets at door: $20 all ages, cash only

Featuring: PointeTango Dance Company, Elias Movement Project, Rising Moon Belly Dance, En Avant Dance Company, Young Company of North London Dance Centre, Sound in Motion, Ashlyn Carwana, Sound in Motion, Tori Kuhn, and more!

CMA Spring Showcase Artists

Ruth Barrett
Music: Jig della Inquietudine by Hughes de Courson & Youenn Le Berre

Performers: Julia Barrett, Alexia Doris, Stefani Doris, Bronwyn Duffy, Regan Martin, Jamie Martins, MacKenzie Mercer, Emalee Murphy, Shannon Palmer, Kaitlyn Rowe, and Isabella Russell.

Restless … the inability to stand still and involving constant activity or motion. In the world today, our lives are in constant motion. Hopefully the day starts slowly enough for each of us, but soon we all pick up steam and are constantly on the move, trying to get as much done as possible in the ever-shortening day. It’s not all bad; sometimes the chaos is joyful and exciting. At the end, regardless, everyone’s collapse is inevitable.

Under the Director of Kelly Hajar, The Young Company of North London Dance Centre, now in its 4th season, is establishing itself as an organization which provides an innovative environment where talented, young concert dancers can further expand their technical dance training with performance-oriented training and experience given by some of the most respected teachers and choreographers in our community and beyond.  The Young Company aims to provide essential performance training and experience that strengthens our individual dancer’s talents, while enhancing their understanding of the performance process and its demands. Learn more about NLDC at www.northlondondancecentre.ca


Photo by Pablo D. Zamora

Choreographer: Alexander Richardson
Music: Tanguera by Sexteto Mayór
Alexander Richardson & Erin Scott-Kafadar

Tanguera is a show stopping stage piece. In this pas de deux, the dancers perform breathtaking lifts, dazzling turns and rapid-fire footwork. This dynamic piece showcases the dancers’ technical prowess and their unique style of Argentine tango danced on classical pointe shoes.

PointeTango, is a unique “one of a kind”, dance company directed by choreographer, Alexander Richardson. Combining the intimacy of Argentine tango and the precision of Classical Ballet, PointeTango has created a new dance vocabulary that respects the tradition of Argentine tango and pushes its boundaries with new possibilities. This spring PointeTango will be presenting their new theatre show “Para Dos” at the London Fringe Festival, please keep in touch and support them at www.pointetango.com

Brindavana Nilaye

Photo by Mark Spowart

Choreographer: Dr. Vempati China Satyam
Music: Ragam, Reetigowla; Talam, Adi
Oothukadu Venkata Kavi
Performer: Yamini Kalluri

This piece is in Regard to one of Krishna’s lovers i.e. Radha. The poet describes how beautiful Radha and Krishna are together dancing in the Brindavan garden.

Yamini Kalluri is a professional Kuchipudi dancer based in New York City, USA. She has been practicing this dance form for more than ten years now. She has been under the tutelage of the legendary guru, Padmasri Dr. Sobha Naidu. Yamini is known for her grace, agility and uncompromising perfection. She has evolved into a fine dancer and created a fresh style of technique for herself. She has been teaching Kuchipudi for over six years now. She finished her certificate course in Kuchipudi from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University with distinction results in the year 2013. Although young in age, her ambition and passion towards this dance form is immense. She aims to bring a new face to Kuchipudi. Yamini has performed in various prestigious festivals and venues across India and internationally.


Photo by BeanBot Productions

Choreographer & performer: Hannah Goldberg
Music: Live improvised violin provided by Maxwell Lucas

The movement in this piece is completely improvised, as is the violin accompaniment. Together, the movement and music play off each other, creating an ever-changing landscape and soundscape across the stage. The movement is an embodiment of the different tones and rhythms produced by the violin, allowing the body to become a physical manifestation of the sound.

Hannah Goldberg is a professional contemporary dance artist originally from London, ON. She has trained and performed both nationally and internationally, including professional contemporary and classical dance training through the Leggere Strutture Art Factory International in Bologna, Italy. From 2011 to 2015, Hannah performed and trained with Dasein Dance Theatre (London, ON) under the artistic direction of Lacey Smith. In 2016, she also worked professionally with Compagnia Balafori (Milan, Italy) under the artistic direction of Alessandra Costa, as well as with Compagnia DNA (Bologna, Italy). In January 2017, Hannah traveled to Cochin, India where she participated in the Disha Dance International Dance Gathering, which included contemporary technique and repertoire classes with Saju Hari and Kristina and Sade Alleyne (Akram Khan Company), as well as training in the traditional Indian martial art Kalaripayattu. Now, back home in London, Hannah choreographs and teaches workshops/classes across southwestern Ontario, and she is the founder and artistic director of the Elias Movement Project. Learn more about Hannah Goldberg

Dumum Wa Takat, El Balady, Skelewu

Photo by Hugh Wilson

Choreographer: Luna
Music: Dumum Wa Takat by Karim Nagi, El Balady by Ahmed Sarham, and Skelewu by Davido
Luna, Cathy, Catherine, Susan, Amber, Tracy, Deb, Kim and Louisa

Drum solo: The most dynamic part of Bellydancing characterized by hip accents and lively shimmies. Accompanied by the finger cymbals to add an extra layer to the music. Veil dance: Veils is used in this piece as a prop piece to accentuate the flow of the music. American Tribal Style: Fusion style that incorporates elements of flamenco, African and Middle Eastern dances. It is improvised and the costumes are more folkloric and characterized by their colors, tassels and jewellery.

Growing up in Colombia, South America, Luna (Founder of Rising Moon Bellydance) started taking classes 15 years ago and developed a passion for this beautiful form of dance. Her troupe is formed by a variety of women that share their love for this art and are committed to showing audiences its dynamic and earthy nature. Learn more at www.risingmoonbellydance.com


Photo by Erica Bradley

Choreographer: Melissa Langnichol
Music: Instrumental Spoken word narration by Steve Jobs & Les Brown
Angelina Coward, Dara Lowrie, Isabella Frick, Hayley Padbury, Michael Kozdras Bouw, Braeden McCombs

“Unbroken” is a physical representation of the inner struggle that we experience in the quest to acheive our goals and dreams. Believing that the dots will connect down the road will give us the confidence to follow our hearts, even when it leads us off the well-worn path.

The En Avant Dance Company has been performing in the London area for the last two years, having debuted in the Centre for Movement Arts’ Summer Showcase in 2017. EADC is the demonstation company for En Avant Dance, voted one of the Top Three dance studios in London by Our London two years in a row. Learn more at www.enavantdance.ca


Photo by Mark Spowart

Choreographer: Ashlyn Carwana
Music: Switzerland by Daughter
Ashlyn Carwana & Aly Mckone

Absence explores the desire to fix the ones we love, no matter the personal consequence. how do we know when to stop trying, and when to let go? what kind of behaviour becomes toxic? how do we use love to excuse the flaws we don’t want to accept? at what point do we start sacrificing our own happiness, so the people we love don’t slip through our hands.

Ashlyn Carwana is an emerging local artist who is excited to share her choreography with the public. She believes in the power of expressing emotions and telling stories through movement and draws inspiration from experiences.

Machine Glow

Photo by Mark Spowart

Choreographer: Julie Mytka
Music: The Glow  by Sarah Neufeld
Emily McManus, Hannah Granite, Katie Plomp, Lily Ash, Madason Hale, Madelyn Kelly, Mikayla Hardie, Reegan Ruddock, Ruby Gregg, Zoe Kantzas.

What happens inside our tiny machines? How do the pieces work together? Do they ever want to rebel and be a ‘different part’? This dance explores these themes with acrobatic inspired movement and is n excerpt from Sound in Motion’s contemporary dance theatre “BreakForm” at The Palace Theatre April 12-14.

Julie Mytka is the Director and Owner of Sound in Motion, Music & Dance Studio. Here, Julie combines her technical knowledge with her passion for choreography and teaching. The studio is in its eighth season and has grown into a performance arts academy like no other. Julie continues to build a team of knowledgeable and experienced instructors to connect with the amazing students and families at Sound in Motion. When she’s not running the studio, you can find Julie participating in many local dance and theatre initiatives including dancing with the contemporary dance company Breath in Mvmt, teaching for the London Artist in Residence program (LAIR), performing in The London Fringe Festival, The London Dance Festival and many other events! Julie feels truly blessed to support and grown in the London arts scene and is looking forward to it’s continued success! www.soundinmotionstudio.com

Greedings and Salutations

Credits to Jenna Hills

Choreographers & performers: Gwen Logan & Jenna Hills
Every Other Freckle by Alt-j

This piece explores the nature of human greed from the perspective of greed itself. Throughout the dance there are 2 present energies; the overwhelming obsession of material possessions and the susceptible vulnerability of innocence. As the dance progresses the more powerful energy takes over and the two entities become one.

Gwen Logan and Jenna Hills are both grade 10 students at H.B. Beal Secondary School. Both emerging artists train primarily at Sound in Motion studio and in the Beal dance program. Throughout the years, they have been trained in jazz, lyrical, modern, ballet, tap, hip hop, musical theatre and contemporary. The two wish to share their passion for movement, not only as a form of expression but also a form of escape.

Glee London

Photo by Andrew Clark

Choreographers: Amy Wright & Alexandra Kane
Music: Revolting Children (Matilda), Feel it still (Portugal)
Grace, Olivia, Aubree, Freedom, Sarah, Jorja, Ahrielle, and Riley

Glee London is a group of empowered young girls performing inspiring top 40 hits from artists like Lady Gaga, Sia, The Jackson 5 and more! This company features some of London’s best and brightest young talent showcasing their vocal skills and dancing/acrobatic abilities. A perfect show for kids and the young at heart, Glee London sends a positive message through their songs and definitely encourages audience participation! Look out for them performing on stages across Southwestern Ontario this summer. Learn more at  www.akartsacademy.com

Bleed Red

Photo by Mark Spowart

Choreographer: Savannah Crittenden
Music: Bleed Red
Ronnie Dunn
Tori Kuhn

Bleed Red is a raw piece delivered with passion and empathy. It is an aerial routine that kindly reminds the world that we all feel pain and are all dealing with our own battles. Tori Kuhn delivers this message effortlessly with her vulnerability of sharing her story to her audience.

Tori Kuhn, a young and vibrant dancer/aerialist on the way to fulfilling her dreams. At the age of seven, Tori started her seven year competitive dance career at Studio Dance Pointe in St. Thomas. Always restless and looking for something new, Tori took on the wonderful world of cirque. After 6 years and 4 studios as far away as Detroit, Tori is now training with Savannah Crittenden, a performer for LPC in LA. With dreams of taking her career to the professional level some day, Tori is working to expand her knowledge and prepare for auditions.

Mohanakalyani Varnam
Choreographer: Sahasra Sambamoorthi
Performers: Deepti Nagendra, Yamini Kalluri, Sahi Sambamoorthi

A varnam is the most complex piece in a bharatanatyam recital as it contains both sequences of complex nritta(pure dance) and subtle abhinaya(expression). This varnam extols the greatness of a deity from Hindu mythology, Ganesha, who is known as the remover of obstacles. The vignettes presented in this varnam include the story of how Ganesha was born, the fight between Ganesha and his brother, Muruga, for a mango offered to them by their father, Shiva, the feast thrown by King Kubera where Ganesha. In-between each vignette are complex formational jathis, or rhythmic components.

Navatman Dance is led by artistic director Sahasra Sambamoorthi as an Indian classical dance company (specifically stemming from bharatanatyam) based in New York City whose mission is to bring extraordinary, boundary-pushing productions to the stage, making Indian classical dance more accessible to both understand and experience without removing the beauties of tradition and history that the style has developed from. Sahasra Sambamoorthi’s passion is to both show both the deep nuanced practice of Indian classical arts while also showing the deep and fierce joy it can bring to audiences. She is the co founder of Navatman, an South Asian institute for performing arts in New York City, and heads Navatman Dance in New York City. She has been producing and creating work under the Navatman banner for over 10 years, and in that time has choreographed 30+ items and 6 full length productions. The most recent production, a margam or full length traditional bharatanatyam show, was featured in Drive East and reviewed by the New York Times.
She is also the co-founder of Navatman, which has provided opportunities for learning and presenting Indian classical dance and music in New York City, serving over 5,000 audience members in 2017. Learn more at www.navatman.org