July 15 – Community Celebration

UPDATE – Unfortunately rain has once again cancelled this event. We’ll see you next year!

July 2 festival events have been rescheduled for July 15, 2023, form 5-7pm in Ivey Park.

July 15, 2023

Ivey Park, 331 Thames St

FREE! but donations are gratefully accepted

Download the full (original) programme here

5-7pm Featuring: Dance Mob WORKSHOP & Performance, Flamenco del Sur & Los Aires, Forest City Hawaiian Dance Co., Meghan Byloo + Gwen Logan + Jenna Hills, Rising Moon Bellydance, BRDRless Dance WORKSHOP

PLUS: Live Music by Los Aires Flamenco Ensemble and snacks for sale and Raffle Prizes

Photo credits clockwise from top Left: Flamenco del Sur by Jason Sunio; Jenna Hills + Gwen Logan + Meghan Byloo by Jason Sunio; Rising Moon Bellydance by Jason Sunio; 2023 Dance Mob with Sam Sendas & Brandon Clarke by Jason Sunio; Alison Gauthier Forest City Hawaiian Dance Co.

Forest City Dance Mob Workshop and Performance

2023 Dance Mob Workshop with Sam Sendas & Brandon Clarke – Photo by Jason Sunio

Choreographers: Cynthia Aguiar and Thalyta Medeiros

Music Credits: Forest City Song by Latin Roots of London

Learn a new style in one of our workshops, or learn the Dance Mob moves and join us onstage. This year’s dance is set to the perfectly named “Forest City Song” by the Latin Roots of London Band.

All events are FREE (but donations are gratefully accepted!) Learn more at www.londondancefestival.ca.

‘Rumba Flamenca & Sevillanas’ by Flamenco del Sur

Flamenco del Sur, Photo by Jason Sunio

Choreographer: Patricia Vasconcellos

At 17 years old, Patricia Vasconcellos started to study Spanish Dance. Six years later, she joined Al Andaluz Flamenco Dance companyin Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2009, Patricia moved to Brasilia, Federal District, and continued her studies with the Flamenco dancer, Mrs. Patricia Weingrill at Studio de Danca Capricho Espanhol. In 2010, she started studying tap flamenco technique, castanets, and Bata de Cola with choreographer and dancer Mr. Danny Souza. She joined the Claude Debussy Centre of Dance and Arts where performed and studied Flamenco Culture for 6 years becoming Flamenco teacher and choreographer. In 2017, Patricia moved to London, Ontario, Canada, and in 2019, she opened the FLAMENCO DEL SUR DANCE STUDIO and started to bring the Flamenco culture and flamenco style (Flamenco instruments, items, and tap) to London. She has performed at the London Dance Festival and many other events around London such as Heart Links, London Public Library, Western University, and many more. In 2020, promoted the Los Aurora’s Concert and Flamenco workshop. From 2021 until now, she has been performing and teaching live/virtual Flamenco Rhythms to musicians, dancers, and Flamenco lovers.

Learn more about Flamenco Del Sur at www.flamencodelsur.ca

‘Authentic Hawaiian and Tahitian’ by Forest City Hawaiian Dance Co.

Choreographer: Alison Gauthier Performer: Alison Gauthier

Based in London, Ontario, Alison Gauthier (aka Kaiolohia’inanamoani) is a performance artist who specializes in Hawaiian entertainment and is the owner of “Forest City Hawaiian Dance Co.”. She has over 25 years of dance training and family entertainment experience, has performed for over 500 events, and was recently the most in demand Hawaiian act while living in Calgary.

Performance Description: There are two main types of hula dancing: hula kahiko and hula ‘auana. Hula kahiko is the more traditional style of hula, said to date back to the time when the Hawaiian gods and goddesses still walked the earth. Hula kahiko dancers often wear traditional Hawaiian clothing and use ancient implements such as shark’s teeth necklaces and coconut shell anklets. The hula kahiko dance, largely based on martial arts moves, is performed to drums and oral chants and tells stories of Hawaiian history and mythology. In contrast, hula ‘auana, which can be either fast-paced or slow and graceful, is a more modern, westernized style of hula. This type of hula is usually performed to music with guitars and ukuleles.

Music Credits: Lili’u E by Pekelo Day, Ka Beauty Hanohano O Waikolu by Kuana Torres Kahele, I Ali’i No Oe by Aloha Pumehana Sernaders, Tahaito by Lanakila’s Polynesians, Ke Aloha by Natalie Ai Kamauu.

‘Fare Ya Well’ by Meghan Byloo, Jenna Hills and Gwen Logan

Choreographers and Performers: Meghan Byloo, Jenna Hills and Gwen Logan

Meghan Byloo, Jenna Hills, and Gwen Logan are performers from London, Ontario that met while training at Sound in Motion studio. They have experience in many styles including lyrical, jazz, contemporary, and have completed multiple Royal Academy of Dance ballet exams. After graduating high school, all 3 have returned to their home studio to teach for varying periods. Each performer has gone on to choreograph and perform in various festivals, programs, and shows as University students. Byloo continues to work at Sound in Motion, while Hills is currently teaching at All That Dance studio in North York. Logan has been recently elected as an executive member of the Dalhousie University Dance Society. This trio last performed together at the 2019 London Dance Festival, and they are excited to return!

Performance Description: This piece plays with both humour and heartbreak, and the process that follows the end of a relationship. It explores the intersection between saying goodbye and good riddance.

Music Credits: Smokestack Lightnin’ by Howlin’ Wolf.

Ruby Shoes, Let’s Go and Divine Feminine by Young Company

Performance by Rising Moon Bellydance

Photo by Jason Sunio

Choreographer and Performer: Luna

Bellydancing, currently known as Raks Sharki is an ancient dance form that originated in the Middle East. It is characterized by smooth undulations as well as dynamic hip shimmies. Luna (founder of Rising Moon Bellydance) will perform two traditional style pieces accompanied by the musicians of Light of East Ensemble. She started her dance journey 20 years ago and has been an instructor since 2013.

Bollywood Workshop by BRDRless

Choreographers and Performers: Jhosep Nagee, Kristin Schaaf, Jorge Pablos & America Pablos

BRDRLESS Dance is the first AND ONLY multicultural dance studio in London, Ontario. BRDRLESS Dance is the first AND ONLY multicultural dance studio in London, Ontario. We provide dance classes, workshops, and performances of dance styles from numerous places around the world. Some styles include Bollywood, Bhangra, Salsa, Bachata, KPOP, Afrobeats, Chinese Folk, and many more!

Performance Description: Our Bollywood workshops are our most popular, as they are energetic and engaging for dancers of all levels. We do a warm-up to get everyone excited; we teach a fun piece of choreography that has signature Bollywood moves. While we teach, we will also share facts about the dance style.

Music Credits: DJ Jeeva