July 2: Workshops & Dance Map

Saturday, July 2 – Ivey Park, workshops for all levels 
Location: Ivey Park, 331 Thames St.
FREE but donations are gratefully accepted.

4pm Workshop with Isabella Di Liello
5pm Dance Mob Workshop with Jesselle Paguergan
5pm Still, Life – Augmented Reality Installation by Public Displays of Art
6-8pm Live Performance
All Day: Interactive Dance Map

Movement Invention/Improv Jam Workshop with Isabella Di Liello

Photo by Alvin Collantes

Instructor/Choreographer: Isabella Di Liello

The aim of this improvisation jam is to find new pathways in the body while also sensing community around us. We will dive into a wide range of tasks that will help us to let go and connect to our passion to move. This class is for anyone and any level of experience. 

Isabella Di Liello is a dancer and choreographer based in Canada. She completed her formal training at the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company MASA program where she performed her own work as well as Rami Be’er & Mats Ek repertoire. Most recently, Isabella was selected as a finalist to perform her solo work, Validation is for Parking, for the Solo Tanz Theatre Festival in Stuttgart, Germany and Linkage International Choreography Competition in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her most recent work includes performing at the Festival Quartiers Danses in Montreal Canada in Jessica Muszynski’s Family and the development of a new solo, funded in part by the London Arts Council, Community Investment Program and the Ontario Arts Council.

To learn more about Isabella Di Liello and her work, visit her website here.

Still, Life – an Augmented Reality Installation by Public Displays of Art

PDA by Marshall Stonefish

Choreographers: Kaitlin Torrance, Hannah Elias, Ruth Douthwright
Performers: Kaitlin Torrance, Ruth Douthwright, Hannah Elias, Marshall Stonefish

Still, Life is an Augmented Reality installation. Bring your smartphone and experience dance in a whole new way through photography and film using the Artivive app your own device! Three images come to life embodying themes of care, regeneration and home, explored through bodies and sites in London. We invite you to interact with the installation in your own way… follow your curiosity.

Public Displays of Art (PDA) is a multidisciplinary artists’ collective. Our members share a long working history and come from diverse art and somatic movement backgrounds, including but not limited to classical, contemporary, folkloric, and social dance, as well as photography and visual art. These eclectic experiences cultivate an innovative, multidisciplinary, and collaborative working environment that results in interactive and consciousness-raising creations. Our aim is to create work that is accessible and immersive in the community in order to engage the public in the arts more often, and we do this by showing our work in public spaces and non-traditional performance venues throughout the city. Improvisation-based methods are the foundation of our work, and they provide an ever-changing landscape of impulses and inspiration derived from our environment and our relationships with ourselves and others. PDA is cultivating this way of working together in which all members have a distinct role and share creative responsibility within the compositional process. As an artistic collective, we are interested in the idea of connection. How do we connect to ourselves, to others, to the space around us, to the Earth and sky? How can we use touch, spatial awareness, and the integration of multiple artistic disciplines into our practice to build these connections, subsequently designing the space around us and discovering new ways to engage with our immediate surroundings? Much of our work explores these simple questions and investigates how we connect as human beings through time and space.

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Interactive Dance Map

All-day Saturday! See our Dance Map be created by local artist Angela Van Velzer and then groove your way around the park following the map’s movement suggestions. Then finish with a selfie by the LDF sign and tag us @ldndancefest

Chalk Art by Angela Van Velzer

Art gives me freedom.   This freedom comes from being able to let my mind, soul and body be creative.  My art is a reflection of how I continue to grow in life both as a person and artist.  I have always been creative.  I attended York University majoring in Visual Arts and minoring in Set Design.  Work included being a merchandiser, an usher at Pantages Theatre and a set designer for a private performing arts school in Toronto.  Deciding to go back to school for Interior Design opened many more opportunities.  After completing my education, my career began as a commercial designer and then as a custom cabinet designer at Continental Cabinets in London.  

My life is now filled with the laughter of our three children, and my supportive husband.  The growth of our family has brought me back to my childhood – back to a life much simpler.  Our favourite pastimes involved messy hands, paint, glue and lots of paper.  

A new path was explored involving art studios and classrooms teaching anyone and everyone how to play with art. I have had the privilege to work with other artists and art educators through many organizations and companies in London including Spectrum, FTLA, the London Arts Council, Museum London, the London Children’s Museum and Participation House.  My teachings allowed me to see how all ages from 18 months to 88 year olds and of all abilities thrive on creating with our hands and showing what is in our hearts.  

I am always open to the multitude of possibilities as an artist.  Chalk art is a newfound love as of this summer allowing me to be out in nature and become one with nature as I look for little hints around me of how I can bring more life into a single drawing with chalk.  We all seek out connections with people and the world around us as we are inspired and challenged by our environments.  Art is my connection.