June 29: Community Showcase

Saturday June 29, 5 – 7 p.m.
FREE Community Showcase & Dance Mob performance 
Ivey Park, 331 Thames St

5:15pm Workshop: Learn the Dance Mob
6pm: Community Showcase Performance
Featuring: The Young Company of North London Dance Centre, Flamenco del Sur, Sound in Motion, La Compagnie, Belle Pointe Dance & Movement, and more! Spotlight performance by O.N.E. Contemporary Company

Learn the moves for our Dance Mob, then join us for an outdoor performance by a selection of local artists.

Spotlight performance: Lens by O.N.E. Contemporary Company

How did you get here? Have life events lead you down an unexpected path? Is it possible that an “unfavourable” outcome protected you from a disaster that you didn’t see coming? Switch lenses with us and explore the “what-ifs” you never experienced.

O.N.E. Contemporary Company was founded in the beginning of 2019 and is affiliated with the O.N.E Dance Centre. The group specializes in contemporary and urban dance and have been selected to perform in the upcoming London Fringe Festival, which they are very excited about. It is lead by four co-directors: Codie Primeau, Cynthia Nakeyar, Dana Hambly and Nicola Popp. The company strives to enrich the London Art scene with dance that focuses on story telling and emotion. Their mission is to create a positive environment for dancers to grow, learn technique, theory, teamwork, and respect. Learn more about O.N.E. Contemporary Company.

I Won’t Give Up On You by Mikiah Lawson and Leah Webb

Dancers Mikiah Lawson, Leah Webb
Photo by Jennifer Hiltz

The struggle of 2 young artists trying to overcome pressures of society.

Miki and Leah dedicated students, dancers and junior teacher assistants at Belle Pointe Dance & Movement Company. They study ballet, jazz and contemporary and together they love creating intricate lifts, movement patterns and art through dance. This piece is their choreographic debut.

Learn more about Miki & Leah at Belle Pointe Dance.

Ici by Cynthia Nakeyar

We are here. Nous sommes ici. A piece exploring unity and trust within the community. Our continued growth and search for our identity within our own neighborhood. We are here (ici), sometimes connected other times not; sometimes in sync, other times not; sometimes proud, other times not; sometimes visible, other times not. Where are we – in this space? on this timeline? And where do we go from here? Nous sommes ici.

Cynthia is a London based Francophone. She is a teacher, dance educator, dancer, artistic director and choreographer. She is a proud member of the Francophone community and has been an advocate for the arts, in particular dance, within her community and school system. She is the founder and artistic director of L’Académie de Danse ÉSMB and the founder and director of the dance competition Aimes-tu Danser?. She has made it her goal to have her students share their passion for dance at many community events including: la journée drapeau, le jour du souvenir, la cérémonie de clôture pour l’histoire des noirs, la cérémonie de clôture pour la semaine d’immigration, and many more. In addition, her academy participates in the London Santa Claus parade and runs 2-3 large scale shows yearly. She has trained in Ottawa with the directors of ODD and The School of Dance. She hopes to continue to grow the passion for the arts within her french community and to help the french community join our arts/dance family here in London. She is a member and choreographer at O.N.E Dance Centre, the co-director of O.N.E. Contemporary Company and a member of Breath in Movement. Je suis prête à créer le lien entre la communauté francophone et London Dance Festival!

Flamenco del Fuego by Patricia Vasconcellos

Dancer Patricia Vasconcellos
Photo by Scott Draper

Flamenco dance is a phenomenon of dance which has an extensive historical background that parallels the cultural development of the south Spain. The role of the flamenco dancer is essentially to physically interpret the words with light, graceful arm movements that contrast the reverberating steps as feet drill into the floor with a bewildering intensity. You can even see the explosion of emotions in the dancer’s facial expressions thoughout the performance. Both flamenco music and flamenco dance involve a great deal of personal improvisation which takes its form through the spontanteous expression of the performer’s emotions at each moment of the performance. That way, flamenco enchants and passionate everyone inviting spectators to taste feelings through an explosion of movements and harmony.

Patricia began studying Classic Ballet at three years old. Studied at Danca Rio Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, until age 16. At 17 years old, she fell in love to Spanish Dance watching the presentation of the Company Al Andaluz and stated to study Spanish Dance with the coordinator, bailaora and choreograph of these flamenco company, Mrs. Suzane Travassos. Some years later, she joined Espaco Darma, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and became to have classes with the bailaora Mrs. Izabel Moratti. In 2009, Patricia moved to Brasilia, Federal District, and continued the practice of Flamenco Dance in the Studio de Danca Capricho Espanhol, from the famous bailaora Mrs. Patricia Weingrill. In 2010, she joined the advanced group at Capricho Espanhol and started studying tap flamenco technique, castanets and Bata de Cola with choreographer and bailaor Mr. Danny Souza. Participating in shows, events, workshops by Danca Flamenca she joined the Centre of Dance and Arts Claude Debussy to practice and teach. In 2016, she participated at Show produced by ballet dancer and choreographer Lorena Guerra in her School of Ballet in Brasilia, DF. In 2017, Patricia moved to London, Ontario, Canada, and joined some Academies where currently teaches Danca Flamenca, Castanholas, Flamenco Taps Technique and Bata de Cola, for adults and children. Flamenco is designed for entertainment, physical and mental health, development of self-esteem and body awareness and development of group awareness. Patricia guarantees that flamenco dance gives to student skills to express feelings, control fine movements and exercises the mind while working the ability to decorate the sequence of body movements! All this happens in a relaxed atmosphere through classes, events, presentations and Workshops. Patricia offers the strong and striking dance to the “Londoners” and invites them to feel involved experiencing the warm flavor of the flamenco rhythm. Learn more about Flamenco del Sur.

Kaleidoscope by Kendra Ferguson

Dancers Mikiah Lawson, Copper Sinai, Pascal ElRayes, Leah Webb. Photo by Jennifer Hiltz

This piece represents the beautiful imagery we long for in such a fragmented and divided world. Looking through a colorful, ever-changing lens to open our hearts in search of patterns and combinations of endless opportunity; a pure reflection of beauty and unity.

Kendra is currently a PhD Candidate in Sport Psychology at Western University. She danced competitively in ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, tap, and musical theatre, winning numerous overalls and scholarships. Her professional training began at the tender age of nine where she attended the National Ballet School of Canada. At age 11, Kendra was offered a full scholarship to the internationally renowned Ballet Academic Program at Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. She danced in the professional division for six years, which focused on ballet, pointe, character, modern, pas de deux, and variations. Through her training, she had the opportunity to experience the demands of performance and touring first-hand. She has also spent her time guest teaching at various studios in both Winnipeg and Ontario.
Learn more about Kendra.