Dance Mob @ Latin Street Party

Join the London Dance Festival at the first-ever FCLMA Latin Street Party!

Come out and jam with us at the FCLMA’s Latin Street Party on June 15 from 6-9pm. We’ll have a LDF Dance Community tent set up and would be happy to share any promo material London artists want to drop off!

Dance Mob
At 8:30pm there will be a Dance Mob performance to Latin Roots of London band’s song “Forest City”. Learn the dance here or stop by the tent for a quick lesson. There will be live music by local Latin artists plus food and dancing – you don’t want to miss it!

About the event

On Thursday, June 15, for the first time, London Music Week will feature a Latin Street Party featuring local Latino artists. If you enjoy live music, dancing and great food, you won’t want to miss this.

2023 is also the first year that the Forest City London Music Awards will present a Latin Music Award (June 11, Aeolian Hall). Meet the nominees and the award winner at the Latin Street Party on June 15 in front of Che Restobar on Dundas St. between Wellington and Clarence.

The Latin Street Party will host a lineup of exceptional London artists with roots in various Latin American countries, including award nominees Daubian Oliveria (Brazil), Ana De Mexico, David Rayo (Nicaragua), Big Lou (St. Marten), Gianny Correa (Cuba), J-David (Colombia), Antonio Alas Mariachi Band (El Salvador), Freddy Almarzo (Venezuela) and DJ Renzo (Colombia). A lineup of emerging artists will also perform, including the duo ‘SUYAI’ from Chile, who are new to London but have been performing interpretations of Chilean and Latin American folklore internationally since 2009. Each artist will bring their own unique musical style, creating an energetic and unforgettable evening of Latin rhythms and dance.

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