LDF 2017-Throwback to July 2 Emerging Artists

 Ashlyn Carwana (London)
Dancers: Sydney Ross, Aly McKone, Mackenzie Adams, Adrienne Pepper, Ashlyn Carwana

A piece about wanting to run, jump, laugh,cry, drop everything and return to whats familiar. Maybe we don’t want anything to change, maybe we don’t want anything to be different. Maybe we don’t want to leave but staying feels even worse. It’s these decisions that seem to follow us our whole lives. Watch us figure out how to grow up, watch us make decisions nobody told us we had to make. Created as adults, danced as children. We are excited, we are terrified, we are YOUNG.

Ashlyn Carwana is a local emerging artist excited to share her first piece with the public. Ashlyn has been dancing at Sound in Motion studio for 6 years, and is trained in Jazz, Acro, Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Lyrical and Modern dance styles.