LDF 2017 – Throwback to June 30 Community Day

Eternally Young
Julie Mytka & Melisa Boose
Dancers: Clare Bennett, Nayli Deleon Kantule, Amber Graham, Hannah Granite, Madason Hale, Maya Hall-Hinds, Mikayla Hardie, Eva Howe, Julia Howe, Maryn Kelly, Eva Langlois, Emily McManus, Reegan Ruddock.

This piece looks at the elements of life and aging by how we feel and what we experience. It explores themes of loss, that can happen at any age, but also the idea that youth and vitality are an ageless mindset.

Sound in Motion is the collaborative passion of directors Julie Mytka and Avery Brown. After both had worked in performing and teaching contracts all over Canada and internationally, they recognized the benefits of bringing music and dance training under one roof. Joining this duo is a dynamic group of professional instructors to deliver engaging classes for students of all experience levels. More than music and dance, Sound in Motion is a community studio, helping to raise tomorrow’s leaders by giving them all of the benefits that performing arts studies provide.

LDF 2017-Throwback to July 2 Emerging Artists

Abbey Richens (London)
Dancers: Abbey Richens, Gwen Logan, Jenna Hills and Dharby Harrison

It’s the moment when you are in between before and now, nothing will ever be the same, but in this moment you are still and silent. Experiencing a traumatic event leaves you wounded physically but much more emotionally. It is not a process, but rather a journey, to slowly stand up and find a soft spot on the ground. Aftershock explores a way to heal through unity and time. Though we can find ourselves in terrible situations instantly, it take months, even years to recover from it. Aftershock is a journey not only with those whom you love deeply, but also deeper and deeper within yourself. It’s the moment when all is lost and in chaos but you still remain standing.

Abbey Richens, an aspiring artist creating vision through movement. Abbey currently trains at Sound in Motion dance studio and studies as an enriched dance student at H.B Beal Secondary. From a young age Abbey was constantly moving and had a passion for imagination. Abbey wants to keep imagination alive, specifically through movement, and tell a story.

LDF 2017 – Throwback July 1 Canada Day

At London Salsa Dance Company (LSDC), we strive to develop four fundamental attributes – creativity, passion, confidence, and the building of community. We use Latin dance and music to develop our students’ full potential as great, confident dancers and individuals. We are more than a dance studio. We are an open community that encourages, communicates, and supports one another through the vibrant sounds and movements of Latin music. We become a family; a family that has a love for dance, meeting new people, and leaving our hearts on the dance floor.
Festival videos will be available soon!

LDF 2017 – Throwback June 30 Community Day

Choreographer: Kristen Carcone and dancers
Dancers: Adrianna & Isabella Di Liello

This piece is a conversation between two sisters and a celebration of their artistic commitment to each other as duet partners. The choreographer worked collaboratively with the dancers to commemorate their last duet together within the context of pre-professional work.

Adrianna DiLiello has been performing for audiences since she was five years old. She has and continues to train as an actress, dancer, and vocalist. Adrianna made her foray into the industry at age nine when she auditioned for and secured a lead role in cult favorite “Stage Fright” opposite Minnie Driver, Meat Loaf, and others. This was quickly followed by her leading role and Emmy Nominated performance on Amazon’s “Annedroids”. She’s also guest starred in projects such as animated series “SuperWhy”, “Lunch Box Loser”, “Saving Hope”, and was recently seen performing in the Hallmark film “Nutcracker Christmas”. In addition,to “Annedroids”, Adrianna can be seen as Jenna, a young ballerina on Disney’s “Backstage”, for which she just finished filming the second season.

Isabella Di Liello began her dance education at an early age, training extensively in ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, improvisational technique and composition. In addition to her formal training she has assisted renowned choreographers at Intrigue Dance Intensive across the United States. Other credits include performing in W. Darling’s (Universal Music Canada) music video for “Skeletons”, a lead role in her music video for “I’ll Keep Waving” and dance performance in Family Channel’s (Disney worldwide) original family drama, “Backstage”.
Most recently she completed training in New York City with the New Jersey Dance Theatre’s Pre-Movement Invention Project with esteemed faculty and founder Alexandra Wells (The Juilliard School), David Norsworthy (The Juilliard School/ TOES FOR DANCE), Andra Corvino (The Juilliard School) and Jenni Berthelot (Peter Chu).
During her gap year she will be training in Vancouver, British Columbia with Modus Operandi, a program under the direction of David Raymond & Tiffany Tregarthen (Kidd Pivot) and will be attending Gaga Movement intensives in both Los Angeles, California and Turin, Italy.

September 9: Western Fair Community Showcase

Photo by Mark Spowart

Centre of Movement Arts & London Dance Festival present:
Western Fair Community Showcase 

Date: Saturday September 9
Time: 12:00-12:30pm and 3-3:30pm
Location: Western Fair, Anne Eadie stage (in Queens Park, just south of Dundas Street)
Free with fair admission!


Performances by: Abbey Richens, AK Arts Academy, Ashlyn Carwana, Doyle Corrigan Academy, PointeTango, Rising Moon Bellydance, and the Young Company of North London Dance Centre.

With Gratitude

Before we sign off for the summer and start preparing for our next season, I’d like to share my gratitude for the hard work and dedication of our staff and board members. It was admittedly a strange year, with the fresh start and no shortage of life’s curveballs, but these incredible women lent their strength and passion to our organization and ensured the success of the Festival. These wonderful people jumped in with both feet, put their faith in my vision and helped keep it all afloat and running smoothly.

A huge and sincere thank you to: 

Mariana Calles, dedicated co-op student turned marketing assistant.

Alissa Cassidy, general manager extraordinaire. 

Vidya Natarajan, Jenn Pearce and Julie Mytka, board members and cheerleaders. 

Honourable mention and many thanks to the significant others and families of this stellar team, for the support both in person and behind the scenes. 

With much love and excitement for what’s next,

Bizz Varty, Executive Director